Neil Young - Eurotour 2003

In 2003, Neil did a Solo Eurotour.
And I did a Germanic week I divided in five parts here.


Part 1 : Münich 03

During my Germanic week, my environment always brought me back in Greendale (USA) or to Neil.

Part 2 : Stuttgart 03

It’s at that time a big purple rose planted close to my car calls out to me : "Are you passionnate ?"

Part 3 : Amsterdam 03

Don’t you try to get some sleep before to get under way?! I hope you have some tapes for the road!

Part 4 : Hannover 03

And here, where is the city? Eilenriede, immense forest, is queen in the heart of Hannover that has streets strictly reserved for bicycles.

Part 5 : Paris 03

The tall silhouette of Neil then appears in the halo of the candles.

I saw Neil & I thank rusties!
This week, I did a travel specially to see Neil. Great shows!!
I met a lot of rusties in my travel and I'd like to thank them for their kindliness!!!
Peter "HardToHandle" & Claudia & their children; Harmut; Andrea; Rainer "BaronRouge»; the German girl with the hat and the big flower; Joachim; "ComputerAge"; Rielke; Felix; Tom Hambleton; Twilight; Valérie; Xavier Pérez; Philippe Préd’homme; Christophe; Yann; Rainer & his wife (from Austria); Bernard & their friends (from Austria); a girl came from Ohio but living in Germany, and others rusties I met!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Take care

Denis Between The Rusties Words

Munchen (May 5) = 1 500 km from my house
Stuttgart (May 7)
Amsterdam (May 8) = 2 500 km since I left my house
Hannover (May 9) = 3 000 km since I left my house
And my house (May 10) = 4 480 km since one week with my old car.

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