Jules Chapin - Road Songs - 2003 (review)

The road is quiet and hands are friendly
The eagle leaving the totem touches lightly the waters
And disappears in your eyes for a sunset
Which is not so bitter like it seems

Each hitch-hiker will always give you a cuddly toy
Accompanying you with it cheerful friendly face
Forever in dark thoughts that sometimes we eat
When we haven't anything in the larder of our heart

Red dust gets thicker on my clothing with slow wear and tear
Like one of these nights with a dense fog
But your hot star started a broad sweet opening
Doing a lot of milleage, doing a path for your home

Denis (June 21, 2004)
© IDDN 2005

Buy her cd here : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/juleschapin

My original poem 

Mira wrote :
congrats on your record deal julia, and 2 thumbs
up from my whole self.


And I think Julia has surely in her mind these words of Anna Akhmatova :

"I am your voice, the warmth of your breath
I am the reflection of your face"

Bravo Julia for your cd ! Your words burned the air too.
Don't have any worries, smile is your way

Denis (June 21, 2004)

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For those who were in the Rust-Fest in Paris in 2001, you must remember Julia, the beautiful voice which interpreted the songs of Neil. We can hear her again !!! Not for songs of Neil but for her own.
She has her Cd - she sings under the name of Jules chapin

"Simple things" written in Amsterdam at the time of this Crazy HOrse Tour in response to "Hold You In My Arms" of Neil Young, is very very very very very beautiful, in my opinion !!!!

(May 26, 2004)

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Great work !!!!!!!
Don't forget to announce on Rustlist our European Tour !
I remember you singing wonderfully in the rustfest before the Crazy Horse show in Paris in 2001 !
Denis (May 26, 2004)

<<Julia from Frisco, CA, shows me her watch and says we shouldn't miss the last tube train. Indeed, four minutes later and we'd have missed the last train. We say goodbye. After a little tourism through Europe, she'll be in Stockholm and Oslo for Neil again : that will make 6 (7 ?) European shows !
A roady Rustie girl !<< paris2001.html

Julia wrote :

hello rustworld...this lyric [of "beautiful noise"] was actually my first post to rust, when i joined after being blown away at the warfield on 1/11/01. that's the night that inspired the song, too. i wrote the chorus when i got home . . .

if anybody wants to check out my cd, there are mp3 clips on my cdbaby page:

it may also be of interest that the song, "Simple Things," was (mostly) written in amsterdam in the midst of my travels while following neil and crazy horse around europe the next summer ('01 eurotour). it is partly a response to his song, "When I Hold You in My Arms," from my singleton perspective...

rusty love,
free-roaming soul

About "Simple Things" : i love the guitar part on "simple things" too...that's stef burns playing. he's a beautiful player!