Boquého (07-11-2004) - Tribute to M. Neil Young

(review and notes)


The small village of Boquého (Brittany in France) will sing Neil YOUNG's songs for a long time! And the gong of the angélus won't a change a thing to it !

This Thursday evening, the LGOs (French rusties) head for "Le Cellier" (The Cellar) where according to Sunny : "(...) if you are there, I play "Piece Of Crap" with the acoustic guitar (a rarity ...)". It seems that I am the only one (?) who one title of the setlist was revealed to.

Forced out of their sun- and sea-bathing (Note 1), brought out of the pink walks along this coast of granite, forsaking the needles which trot on the slates of the local markets, completing the waiting with a hide-and-seek game for a pair of glasses, we leave towards this bar where according to a local newspaper misprint (Note 2), 10 musicians are expected to be on stage. In front of the church, some photographs of Sunny are displayed, relics of his last musical passage in this small country village of Brittany. But it is not a photograph anymore ! It is Sunny in the flesh and he is busying himself ! Sunny is the project manager of this ceremony dedicated to The Loner. He is in turn stage and sound technician, musician and guest-star. Sylver&Stills, Phil Crosby, and Xav Nash are longing to know the set-list that Sunny will hand out to them. The previous nights had been devoted to guitar jams, and all the repertoire was re-examined. But nevertheless Sunny managed not to unveil the set-list before the show, so far as to put me in a false hope a few days earlier by e-mail (see above).

For a true rust show :
- Preparation : dip your fingers in frozen water.
- Participation : break the strings, burst the guitar plectrum, scratch the case, go on the distortion and larsen way.
- Repair : put biafine® on your fingertips.
This night is under Rust. An anthem to "Live Rust".
The musicians and the material will suffer !
Four guitarists are foreseen among the LGOs : Sunny Young (acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica), Xav Nash (acoustic guitar, harmonica), Sylver&Stills (electric guitar), Phil Crosby (acoustic guitar, harmonica).
Sunny Young plays solo and starts off like a whirlwind. He'll keep that throb during all the set (details below). It's aperitif-time. Some people come and go by Sunny, who is not far from the door. The songs are played without assistance : no lyric booklet to help and Poncho who knows all the words can only mumbles, suffering atrociously from a toothache.

Sunny Young gives way to Xav Nash who draws from the best known repertoire to the most unusual, from Buffalo Springfield to the latest AYP. One thing in common : the songs are seldom played on acoustic guitar by The Loner and have a complex guitar play. Xav's play is full of nervousness and sensitivity. (Note A)
Incompatibility ? That's what I thought before seeing Xav playing ! ! ! Sunny Young invites himself on Going Home and Fuckin' Up with his electric guitar. The final of this last song reminds us of the one of Bercy 2001 ! ! ! ! For our greatest happiness ! The audience sings and makes gestures. Naturally, Elwood rages during Cinnamon Girl. Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! ! ! (Note A)

Our four guitarists gather for the third set. I saw Phil Dumas a few months ago, and I believed I was having a drink with Crosby ! ! ! ! ! A striking resemblance ! Although Phil Dumas does not have a good opinion of his American copy and thus does not try to look like him. But I think that it is Crosby who tries to look like Phil Dumas! Hey Phil ! You're reassured now, if it was necessary.
It is difficult to know how to finish a song without any rehearsals together, even CSN&Y cannot finish their own on their CDs and at their shows (one may well wonder if they ever rehearse a little before !). Sunny takes the initiative ... if not, the first song would be longer than required. But our musicians play with self-confidence, like the foxes you can meet at night around some roundabouts in Lannion town. (Note B)

HHMM, Sunny starts with the fabulous notes of this jewel ! The final is distortion : "Sitted it is very hard", he tells us while twisting, strangling himself with his strap ! Comes the fabulous and throbbing Cortez. Not as throbbing as that, the Sylver&'s spectrum flies into pieces. On DBTR, Sylver& and Sunny are abandoned by Xav who has broken a string. (Note A). But where is Phil ?
It is possible to say when Phil Crosby has played or not, but it is not always very easy. When HHMM comes, he leaves the band, returns for the following one (Cortez), and finishes at once, quits his guitar for a beer, returns for CITS and HOG. On Old Man, he plays some phrasing at the beginning and the end. And he will play on LAH. (Note C).

After Cortez, it is the moment for the guitarists to do some tuning. On CITS, Sunny produces some beautiful larsens, Sylver& has her phrasing solo, and Phil begins with a funny way (a way which is even funny) of guitar playing which he will preserve until the end of the show. His ear is stuck to his guitar and Phil will not manage to separate it from the instrument ! Does he want to imitate Crosby in the minute details ?

A customer of the pub comes to see Sunny, she'd like to listen to Old Man. It will be done. The audience sings in chorus. "Good night !". Ah no ! And my Piece Of Crap! I also hear Don't Be Denied. The guitarists tune their guitars once again, what do they hold for us to close this tribute ? A LAH ! ! ! Sunny dedicates the final of this song to this night's Jim Jarmush.

After the meal offered by the owner of the house (a big thanks !), we flow into a night black like an oil slick. With all due respect to some books, we are made auks and not penguins in this hemisphere (Note 3). What's more, in this dense darkness, we unfortunately cannot see a couple of dragonflies which forms a perfect heart on a plant not far from there, to thank us for this excellent evening (performance and atmosphere). Note 4.

In the early morning, there's nobody who I could say goodbye to. So I run because the road awaits me like an impatient fiancée (Note 5).

Denis Between acoustic & electric.


Note 1 : Not for all the LGO because some people, who are not more sensitive to the cold than others, fear to damage their metal-reflection skin with the high saline content of the water. I hear you shouting from here: "Give us names! Give us names!", do not insist, I won't.

Note 2 : This note is impossible to translate in English. French language. Sorry. So, one thing to do : learn French !

Note 3 : It was a talk between Phil and Sylver& during the meal.

Note 4 : When we don't speak about Neil, music, grub, wine, we chat about animals :) :) :) :)

Note 5 : And now, how is this road, will you ask ? Plowed and appeased. Is it what you wanted to hear ?

Thanks to Valérie Charlez for the translation help.

© IDDN 2005

My original text 

Note A : Sent : Tuesday, July 16, 2002 - 12:52 AM
About guitar play :
Sensitivity, I do'nt know well but nervousness it's sure !
But it must be usual for a first "show". At least, I make a point of preventing those which await a "tree" for this show : we practically didn't have rehearsals ! And for me I knew Monday evening that Thursday I should be played ! I say that to excuse in advance the various errors in the lyrics and the music !

About the broken string :
New strings of the day before ! ! ! And a A string never breaks usually (I never had broken a string lower than a G string).

About Fuckin' Up :
In fact this final wasn't envisaged but I heared Andrew "Poncho" to sing it (with his toothache ! !) then I tried something ! !

About Cinnamon Girl :
Sorry Elwood I had forgotten ! ! But I play Driveby to compensate. The next time I'll play I'm The Ocean !

So long

Note B : Sent : Tuesday, July 16, 2002 - 02:11PM
BRAVO ! ! !
A review like that, it's great !
Rusty Words insists to which wants to hear it that all that he writes in his reviews is true. Hey well I confirm : even the smallest comparison, the smallest part of sentence which can seem insignificant refers to something which took place well : thus the meeting with two foxes near a crossroads, all is true ! So much so that this review gave a second youth to my failing memory.
Still thank you Rusty Words !
Some details : for the purists, I "played" with an electro-accoustic Godin guitar. It is true that in a dark bar, through various fogs, it can furiously seem to a Fender Télécaster guitar. Indeed, I broke a guitar plectrum for the first time of my life ! ! ! It was with me playing with this Godin guitar for height years (sic !). Still an evening to be oustanding of a white stone : the white corpse was dedicated as it should be at the request of a hysterical fan ... who will recognize himself :)
Big thanks to Sunny and Marie-Pierre for this week out of times, these magic moments, these evenings by the fireside (of the heart, of course).
Sylver&(Stephen or Stills:):)
PS : Ahhhh, if you could see the Jim Jarmush's happiness with the Sunny's limping on LAH !

Note C : Sent : Tuesday, July 16, 2002 - 03:35 PM
Thanks Rusty Words for this great review, as you have the secret ! A precision on my play with my ear stuck to the guitar after DBTR: Xav Nash has broken a string, he finishes with the electro-acoustic Takamine guitar of Sunny which I played at the beginning. I ran to my car to take my Epiphone guitar, not electrified, and which had not been tuned with the others guitars. The only way to check it right is to stick my ear to it. Jim Jarmush will be able to check on his roll which I finishes the show with the microphone directed on the guitar.
I believe nevertheless that I didn't keep my ear stuck to the guitar until the end ? ... Yes ?
So long.

etlist : 30 tracks !

Sunny Young Inside (acoustic set) :
Sugar Mountain / I Am A Child / Comes A Time (& harmonica) / The Needle And The Damage Done / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Southern Man / Ohio / Walk On / Like A Hurricane / On The Way Home / Tell Me Why / Rockin' In The Free World //

Xav (acoustic set) :
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing / Crime In The City / Drive By / Going Home * / Dance, Dance, Dance / No More >> Fuckin' Up * / Medley : The Loner - Cinnamon Girl / White Line //
(*) Sunny Young play guest-star with electric guitar.

Phil Crosby, Xav, Sylvaine, Sunny Young Inside :
Out On The Week End (Phil : harmonica) / Helpless (Phil : harmonica) * / Hey Hey, My My * / Cortez The Killer * / Down By The River * / Cowgirl In The Sand * / Heart Of Gold (harmonica) / (encore) / Old Man / (encore) / Like A Hurricane (Xav : harmonica) *
(*) Sunny Young with electric guitar.