Neil Young - Amsterdam - May 08, 2003 (review)


My Germanic week (part 3 : Amsterdam 03)

Phil: Donít you try to get some sleep before to get under way?! I hope you have some tapes for the road!
Denis: Yes. Itís a long drive to go to Amsterdam and Neil wonít wait me. Unlike the day, the night combines chilliness with light traffic.
Phil: The motorways are free here... and so everybody takes it!
Denis: And thus we canít drive fast. So long in Paris.
Phil: See you. And I hope Neil will be as good as today in Stuttgart. Even better.
Denis (alone): Iíve been driving since three hours. I must stop getting some sleep. I wouldnít like to listen to any tapes. Oddly I donít need that. The last show plays again and again in my head.
STTELLLA: Run, run, rust youth! Run, run, rust!
Denis (alone): Iíve driven a third of the road. All is OK, the road network is really overloaded but the traffic is flowing well. The furnace, which I got in the past few days, gave way to a thundery freshness. Iíll be in time to meet rusties, as usual, and with the help of the information given by Joost, Peter and Rainer. I owe you big thanks for that.
Twilight: How are you doing, dear Denis? I introduce Xavier, Christophe and Valerie to you.
Xavier: Hello! Have a jar with us! Did you have a good trip in Greendale until now?
Denis: Fantastic! The new songs are really good. Moreover during the show, Neil was...
Valerie: Stop! Stop! Stop! I want to remain unsullied for the next show!!!
Xavier: Do you know Iíve been already scalped going in one show!?! I had lost everything! My tickets, my keys, my papers, my money, my ears were scalped! All that because I would like to sell an extra ticket for a small sum. I was in a tight corner! And the following day, at my office, my colleague is an idiot saying to me that he couldnít go to the Neil Young show because he didnít find a cheap ticket! I could hardly believe my ears!
Christophe: In 2001, in Paris, have you thought that Neil played Like_A_Hurricane tune a bit too long? It was OK during the show, but when Iím listening to it again that wears me out!
Denis: You're kidding!!! Neil forgot to play the twenty last minutes of this majestic piece!!! And we can hear that especially when we listen to it again!
Christophe: Once, a guy of safety service didnít let enter Dylan to one of his shows because he didnít have his badge. The guy got chucked out.
Denis: That's a lousy! He did his job! If he had let enter him, he would have been chucked out because he would have let enter somebody who didnít have a badge.
Christophe: He was the boss even so! Ah! Ah! Ah! Knowing the Dylan ego, he must be hopping mad for the rest of the evening!
Twilight: Denis, let us hide behind my small handbag, and tell me about your trip in Greendale.
Xavier: Itís stupid that the doors of the theater are already opened! I like the mobs to come in!
Denis: In front of me, a guy must part with his working Dictaphone that was in his pocket.
Xavier: I know Joost and I didnít see him yet.
Denis: Iíll meet him in Paris, as I donít see him here on his territory. Ah, Californian Tom Hambleton who has the fabulous web site "Sugar Mountain" didnít lose his way. Hello Tom, I introduce Twilight to you but I think that you have already met her at Bridge School Benefit in 2001.
Tom: Oh, yeah! I remember.
Christophe: Is it the multi-purpose theater, here?
Xavier: Oh! What a chance! My seat is in rank 17 and itís just situated in front of your seats!
Twilight (to her four friends): I leave you. As I have a keen sight, I have my seat at the top of the stand. As soon as possible.
Neil: How yía doiní?
Denis: He talks to us just after the first song!
A rusty: How yía doiní, Neil?
Neil: Iím OK, thank you.
Christophe: Neil drinks either Heineken or Pelforth. If itís Heineken, he must be sponsored! Drinking beer with this brand name in Heineken Music Hall!
A rusty: More Beer!
Neil: More Beer... Good idea. You know Grandpa died. Itís awful. Someday in studio, I realized the importance of that and I said to myself that: But now, how will Grandma feel hearing that? Thatís true! She brings to Grandpa the meal that has been cooked by his mother who is 104, who drinks, who smokes... Hum! She cooks the Grandpa meals with good food. Hum! I found that for Grandma.
Neil: I come back in ten to fifteen minutes.
Christophe: Itís a bit on the flimsy side for two notes in this song with the organ. What is the significance?
Valerie: Well, Neilís back again! There isnít ten minutes that he went out, people havenít come back in their seat yet!
A rusty: Great Lotta_Love! I rub my sleeve hoping the show lasts a long time!
Neil: Thank you.
Denis: Did you hear!?! Neil spoiled the rise in voice in this Expecting_To_Fly. He really goes off key! Now he gets up from his piano seat and goes towards the bottom of the stage and Larry, trembling with nervousness, brings a guitar to him! What will be this surprise that Neil has in store for us? Itís twelve strings one: Pocahontas! Neil seems to be tense and he seems to have lost concentration! And bam! The false note comes! Itís a sad thing.
Valerie and Christophe: Stop! It doesn't bother us in any way! When you attend to a Bob Dylan show, youíll be horror-stricken! Bob succeeds playing correctly only two or three songs per show!!! He sings off key all the time!
Valerie: Did you hear the great Don't Let_It_Bring_You_Down introduction? Wow!
Rusties: Ordinary People! Without Rings! Helpless! Sugar Mountain! Cortez!
Christophe: But whatís he doing? One minute has been going since he leaned under his chair!
Denis: Look at! He takes this yellow folder from there! Ah! Its edge has twenty-five centimetres at least!
Valerie: What is he looking for? He leafs through it this way and that without being satisfied for all that.
Neil: Hum! Without_Rings?! Hum! Someone will have a lot of work to put it in alphabetical order!
Xavier: He put on a great act with his book to play Old_Man!!!
Valerie: After_The_Goldrush is played divinely! Do you agree with me?
Denis: Neil goes towards the organ. Neil goes towards Mother_Earth!
Neil: Where is my harmonica? This one I have is not the good one for what I want to play now. I donít see the good one. Never mind Iíll try to play with this one.
Christophe: Denis, you didnít hear this tune yet, did you?!?
Denis: Not yet! Surprise: no Mother_Earth! And this Like_A_Hurricane, with the organ and with the harmonica that doesnít blow, is fabulous!
Neil (megaphone): No one wins!
Valerie and Christophe: It was splendid! Neil dazzled our eyes!!! Iíll try to attend to another show from this tour!
Xavier: But, thereís nothing in this show! No music, no lyrics!
Valerie, Christophe, Denis: Donít make the grumpy guy! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Neil: I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold. I've been in my mind, it's such a fine line.
Twilight: Acoustics in this theater was really excellent!
Valerie: If you want to have a drink, itís necessary to go on the first floor.
Christophe and Valerie: Do you hear? Bob is on the air!!! Let dance!!! There is precisely a dance floor for that! And now itís a Neilís tune! This nightclub is really great! We would stay all the night there!
Xavier: I would like rather you bring me along to Belgium in this way Iíll be able to catch my train for France! Iím working tomorrow.
Denis: Let us make an appointment in Paris, May 24! I continue my Germanic week.
Twilight: Donít forget to tell me the show of tomorrow in Hannover!
Denis: I promise you!
Valerie, Twilight, Christophe, Xavier: Do you know you are not in Germany country here!?!
Denis: You're kidding!

Denis Between The Rusty Words (May 17, 2003)

To be continued...
My Germanic week (part 4 : Hannover 03)

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Setlist : Falling From Above / Double E / Devil's Sidewalk / Leave The Driving / Carmichael / Bandit / Grandpa's Interview / Bringin' Down Dinner / Sun Green / Be The Rain // Lotta Love / Expecting To Fly / Pocahontas / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Harvest Moon / Old Man / After The Goldrush / Like A Hurricane / War Of Man // Heart Of Gold

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