Neil Young




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     Neil Young - Buffalo Springfield reunion 
In the Stills' house (Jan. 1986)

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     Neil Young is everywhere!  

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In march 2007, the rusty Sharry, being in a French radio station, has seen this funny ad. (details of her story)

     Neil Young - Cars   
Neil Young & Dan Clear (1984)

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     Neil Young - Greendale : the "Show Bill"   

Booklet given during the electric shows
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   Neil Young - As a fly in the Prairie Wind   
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   Neil Young - Back in the 70s   

That's the trick to play Cinnamon Girl
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March 2006: These interviews happen!
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   Neil Young - TV Appearences  

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   Spleen Garage played Neil Young (06-25-2005)   

Cortez The Killer

"Spleen Garage" + Kevin
Down By The River

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   Letter from Neil Young   

The Neil Young thank-you letter (April 2005) after his aneurism surgery.

   Milan 1993: Annie Stocking & Neil Young   

Illustration of this stophe
[00'55 ; 3.340 ko] :
And the sleight of hand occurs in a wink,
Just at the time of the effort, the loner
Cuts their sound, threads - towards his coffin-
In an amusing and voluntary breakaway.

The complete poem ---------

   French tribute to Neil Young (2004)  
Here are the reviews

* They played "Cortez The Killer"

.. And "The Needle And The Damage Done" (electric) !

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   Sunny is a rusty playing Neil Young   

Computer Cowboy
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   Interview with Neil Young in Broken Arrow (August 1982)   
(w/ Antoine Decaunes, french reporter)
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   Milan 1987: Incidents    

A very bitter evening

[04 min ; 3 000 ko]

The commentary on Italian TV:
We had the impression to find ourselves back in the Sixties when confrontations and charges of the police were very topical at the time of the shows of rock'n'roll. And yesterday evening in Milan, there was this distressing comeback in the past. After polemic in some decisions taken thoughtlessly, the free Neil Young show, gentle Californian minstrel took place in Trussardi Theater. It was initially envisaged into the open air, but ecologist protests and a bad weather did that it would take place in Trussardi, in the end. A great free show had announced the organizers, a great cultural festival .….. (???) except that the person in charge of sports in the Milan council should have expect that if the theater fills very quickly when the ticket price costs 25 or 30 thousand liras, for a free show he would have expect himself that thousands of people were going to flock whereas the Trussardi theater can hold only 7000 seats. At closing time, the theater is already packed and the atmosphere is unbreathable. And all those who couldn’t come into it begin to protest. So, the first incidents take place between police and crowd that remained outside. The police hurls tear-gas grenades - the crowd replies with stones throwing. First injured people, first arrests and a lot of damage. There are some injured but fortunately no serious casualty. The tear-gas smoke enters even inside the theater what causes a wave of panic. A very bitter evening that will remain subject to polemics and reflections for everyone ............ nobody asks free shows, this time is definitively finished.
Note: Marginal note written in newspapers (in English language):
20 injured in Pop Riot
Milan - Riot police fired tear-gas during * which * pop fans locked out of concert by American singer Neil Young. Six people arrested following incidents in which about 20 people were injured.

   Stephen Stills and his french wife   

His french wife tells her relations with him  in French TV (April 2005).
Ok, it's in french, but not images and I recommend the video #6 which is really heartrending and overwhelming.
[26 min; each file = 2 800 ko]

You can watch these files reading my English transcription in text format