Neil Young - Baltimore 2011 #1 (review)

Three helicopters hovering over the city
Two long motorcycle escorts down the street
One cop girl with her white gloves stops traffic
People pile up on the sidewalk
Some will tell you that this is a funeral policy
I say: Neil is in town!
"Laying down on my back and laughing"

My neighbour, Sharry, said she saw the Crazy Horse on the "Rust Never Sleeps" tour
And there is nothing better than Crazy Horse
Yep, without the Crazy Horse, Neil is like a month without a full moon.
Sitting on the steps of the Hippodrome:
Stew came by the "Rust Never Sleeps" video
And the Hershey show in 91 stirs him over and over!
Sitting on the steps of the Hippodrome:
I see Elliot walking along us several times and each time my eyes meet his eyes, he gratifies me by "Hi"
Iíve got a big talking with my new friend Stew
If he wants to talk to me, he can take a rendezvous, or just his turn, in fact
Anyway, we have to talk
We must prepare a special celebration with Neil
Elliot, are you ok for tomorrow? (so today)

During the afternoon, Elliot and I,
We ended up nose to nose
Between two market stalls
While we were "in a naked disguise"
Surprise and small kindnesses.
Later, in the heat of the night,
I found myself nose to nose
Between two streets, with Thrasher & Trasherette
While we were "in a naked disguise"
Great surprise and great outpouring of joy!
I know! Life is always a crazy and unbelievable scenario!

My ticket is not really one, but it is a "lost tix"
They prefer to lose it than to throw it over the pond!
Ben is the totem of the T-shirtsí stand
He is elsewhere, he seems ...
Hey, seeing me, heís here again, he sits up
I give him a smile, but he is already elsewhere ...
A real double of Neil Ė time of the t-shirt with Neil and his cell phone Ė seated in the first rows.
I'm in the axis of two muscular glances

The theatre is twice my house
Balcony is going far
It may fall down, it will happen in my back
There are also two mini-balconies on each side
A large academic painting on the ceiling wall
A carved lyre above the stage
And a slope not enough for the big fellows from here
And now itís time for artists!

Bert Jansch plays against the decor of Neil
In France it would be incomprehensible, a guy told me once
"Bert wonít be the guest star in a Neil Youngí show
But Neil should be the Bert Janschí guest, the guy from the famous Pentangle!"
Tonight everybody takes guitar lesson!
Bert is also aware and told us late:
"Tonight, you are entitled to a large concert
Would this not the case every time?
The warm applause does not return
What magic touch!
Playing after him is hard!
Neil must have a strong stress, mustnít he?

First screams turn off lights
And Neil immediately appears in his white suit
With a white hat too
Should you disclose the setlist?
So what? moons have passed
And Neil is still on the last tour
But that's fine because I had not seen it
And at least, I will crush into my memories
The wrecked album

Heís seated for "Hey Hey, My My", "Tell Me Why", "Helpless",
For each acoustic tunes
He invented some magic touches between two chords
And "Helpless" is often played with guitar
In a so flat and boring way
But here is unlike anything ever seen!
Did anyone tell him that Iím in the audience?

Neil wanders from one instrument to another
- Donít tell us you donít know the same old song!
He grips the electro-acoustic guitar
"You Never Call"
Lyrics and feelings of the song
Slip over the whole body in a shivering way
And make your blood run cold
It is happiness without joy.
"Peaceful Valley Bd" / "Love & War"
Neil tries to renew his instrumental
I thought to have completely lost that Neil!

Here is the Gretsch
"Down By The River" on the unstable waves
"Hitchhiker" is nervous, ok, but here
Neil gets mad on his neck
Looking for a surprise (for you and himself)
And he will end by larsens facing the Indian totem
"Ohio" unleashes the crowd
"Sign Of Love", one chord is not running twice
Neil is surprised, smiles, trying to tune while playing his guitar

Upright piano lit by a single lamp
With its lamp-shade like a flying saucer, "Leia".
So, I did not quite follow the episodes!
I stayed at the "Long May You Run" dedicated
To the pump organ which had suffered by fire!!
And here he played "After The GoldRush" mixing organ and piano (?!)
I think the effect is nice!
Neil caress red and yellow
Painted on the wood of the grand piano
"I Believe In You"
Under the lamp-shade of a living-room

Back to the magic of electricity (of nuclear?)
I think it is about this song
Somewhere close to the end, Neil does not seem happy with the sound
- More rotten than dirty -
And gives three or four punches with rage on the guitar

Neil change guitar for an amazing Cortez!
I know, "Cortez The Killer" is always amazing!
But here, I was glued to my seat during the whole song
As Neil had fun confusing his audience
Breaking waves by unusual phrasings
A very personal cover!
Bringing up feedback loop between chords
I'm still like a statue when I think about this Cortez!
And "Cinnamon Girl", classic?
Yes, and again, Neil inserts here
Strange ways - breakers and larsens -
At the end, he walks on all the stage greeting the audience
Neil laid his guitar waves us and waves us and waves us.
Later, heís coming back to say "Walk With Me"
And makes us understand that he speaks to us
He leaves with strange echoes in his voice
He wriggles his guitar by the neck
Head-on to this small amp
Just stretching the sound
And then he turns off the amp
"Greensleeves", saying "itís over", turns off lights quickly

I am sure you wonít believe me
But in the morning, my day was already complete
Can you imagine that:
I found myself nose to nose
Between two Rodin ("the kiss", "the thinker")
With Victor Hugo!
Heís like French Jupiter, French Zeus, for us, French people
God for liberty, equality & brotherhood!
And Hugo by Rodin!!!!
"The beard into a pitched battle
I met our Jupiter
He wasnít moved
He dominates his raged battles
His head off a force like a fist

I am sure you wonít believe me
Either Neil read rustlist
Or Neil read my tastes and my thoughts!
Anyway, this night, Neil played ARC!
A great memory!

Merci Neil!
see you in Baltimore # 2 (tonight)

Denis Between The Rusty Words
Thursday, April 28, 2011

My original poem is into verse

Setlist de ce show : Solo ; 2011-04-27, Hippodrome, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) / Tell Me Why / Helpless / You Never Call / Peaceful Valley Boulevard / Love And War / Down By The River / Hitchhiker / Ohio / Sign Of Love / Leia / After The Gold Rush / I Believe In You / Rumblin' / Cortez The Killer / Cinnamon Girl // Walk With Me
Neil Young - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, pump organ, harmonica, vocals