Neil Young - Baltimore 2011 #2 (review)

I woke up the second day
Elliot is talking to me
His words have remained in the mist of dreams
There is a sign

It is New York by Will Eisner:
"Go out into the street and take a seat"
So people know they can talk with you
There is a sign
That I have never seen in another fucking city in the world

On the way to the Hippodrome
Young people put their brushes on the sidewalk
Their colours on a wooden palisade
There is a sign
Art in motion Ė
Tonight, they caught the devil of darkness
You know the one who is bedecked with the caught rainbow
Seven bright colours go
This shimmer is spreading in hearts
There is a sign

I see Stew again, like many people from Baltimore
He doesnít understand any word from Bert
Fortunately I havenít got English accent
There is a sign

Front of the stage
Thrasher and Karen "love and affection"
Are neighbours by chance, Iím at the fourth raw
We all got a great seat
The audience brings the sun that has failed
Bert is even surprised about his glory tonight!

Then Neil came over and took a seat
Talking about rust working
And ever going to heaven
Just as the lies that we forget when weíre with him
The harmonica can give two extra voices on a blue beautiful "Helpless"
It can answer to the questions.
Red pain grips us
Larry L. A. Johnson, simply
Red pain grips us
The age of the old man saw the future of the valley
Love and war will never be as mythology!
And Neil gives some guitar lessons to Bert!
Purple touch, sometimes tinged by rust, lives down by the river
Leads to the cascade of colours, dumping us in his turbulent private life
Far from Baltimore...
Neil plays with his heart
Neil walks on the path of his heart
Path that seemed lost forever...
Some sounds from ARC are coming back from last night
Neil laughs in his inner
I know he canít play ARC every night
We know heíll have no more than one spectator
The soldiers were toys on May 4, 1970
Have they changed much today?
There is a sign
There is a sign
For those who have eyes
For those who can see love
Seated at the right piano, "this is a song for little people, tiny little
people, They couldnít come here tonight, Mama said 'nope', but grandpas maybe are
here" (and what about Grandpaís Leia? Among us tonight?)
"After The Gold Rush" is completely under organ dusk.
Harmonica is casting a last daylight
Under a bright moon light
Neil comes to us and watching us
Under a bright moon light
I believe in you
Neil stands up, walks away and comes back stroking the colours of wood
Ha, ha! I also believe in you as impish kid!
I believe in you
Neil take again Gretsch and has that in question
It is not plugged!
Rotten or approximate sound, tech-note video, Gretsch guitar
There is a sign
One beer may quiet your mind and Neil knows
One good beer when the ground is rumbling
Remember the awesome Cortez? It was yesterday.
I enjoyed myself and I'll play it again in the same style
Thank you again, Neil!
In life, thereís Cinnamon Girl
That's it!
Neil waves us and goes in his cage
Then he comes back! The entire Hippodrome is up!
I walk with you
I will as you are willing to leave your cage
The guitar is rumbling on its base
While Neil is walking alone on stage
There is a sign
But some big harms wonít let us walk beside Neil!
So Neil goes out of my sight

There, a girl said to me
Go to Washington
And meet Gauguin from me
And he accepted
He said to me: "Be in love and youíll be happy"
Thereís a sign

Once I heard a guy singing:
"Philadelphia, city of brotherly love"
Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore
In another world
I know my life is here
There are more than a sign

Denis Between The Rusty Words
(April 30, 2011)

PS: Tonight, my last show before to come back home!!! See you!!!

My original poem is into verse

Setlist de ce show : Solo ; 2011-04-28, Hippodrome, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) / Tell Me Why / Helpless / You Never Call / Peaceful Valley Boulevard / Love And War / Down By The River / Hitchhiker / Ohio / Sign Of Love / Leia / After The Gold Rush / I Believe In You / Rumblin' / Cortez The Killer / Cinnamon Girl // Walk With Me
Neil Young - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, pump organ, harmonica, vocals