Neil Young - Bridge 8 - 10-02-1994 (review)


Few shows in this year of 1994, but a good performance !
August 12, « Sleeps with Angels » beams at the record dealers. An Astonishing and disturbing Crazy Horse.  More accustomed to a large artillery, it delivers us an electric grinding the most worked ! Smoothness and sensitivity in the distortion. For the shows of the Bridge School Benefit, acoustic way is imperative and the set-list resume the new album. Happiness !
Neil alone sings for his school-children which surround him on stage.
I hear him to echo to Bob : « To go out from here, from this world of sharks, difficult to fulfil a different world when the nightmare howls to our ears before kindly eyes of the satraps and their slaves.  The combat is in front of us ». Facing this young audience, Neil, as a good father, suggests the Danny Whitten’s misfortune, the soul of the Horse at its debut.
Intimate night with Crazy Horse. Poncho and Billy begin the mallets play and Neil sit down at the piano. The dream seems to stand out from the stage, the unreal becomes real. Ah ! My heart feels faint ! Neil asks news about me « Are you feeling all right. Not feeling too bad myself. Are you feeling all right, my friend ? ». Yes, and I dance with you this « Prime Of Life ». From this fragile life where only death (taboo word) reigns. A fight against it is a waste of time and effort. The only failure that suffered great knights is against it. Kurt Cobain bore the cost of that. He has slept with angels since six months. It’s still hot current events facing to Eternity. In offering, Neil plays his favorite piece for him : : « It's better to burn out than to fade away ». A verse like « And once you're gone, you can't come back », and especially this second one « The king is gone but he's not forgotten. », with a well strong voice, gives another dimension. All this is not innocent. Isn’t it true, Neil ? Rock and roll can never die ? Now I travel by train. Horse, with Poncho with the piano, rocks me towards a serene shore. Beautiful surprise ! I jump in the following train without consulting the destination. Serenity for a long and difficult work on mind, soft music and rough at the same time. I don’t cry genius from the rooftops of fear that disrup some builder's yards in progress. But that’s in my mind ! « Must be the one whose magic touch can change your mind ». Undoubtedly ! Thank you ! The friends submerge the stage for a real euphoric final ! Not less than six guitars, two percussions and Eddie Veder for a real moment of pleasure ! That’s the madness ! Who will play more music, who will repeat again more « Piece Of Crap » ! It’s anyone’s guess ! Neil goes and fetches Billy with the mike to give him the last word. Neil waves to us. He leaves me flabbergasted when he shout us a French expression ! ! ! HE generally doesn’t speak to us any word in France or not enough. Bon voyage Neil.

Denis Between The Rusty Words
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Setlist :
Solo :
All Along The Watchtower / The Needle And The Damage Done
w/ Crazy Horse : My Heart / Prime Of Life / Drive By / Sleeps With Angels / Hey Hey, My My / Train Of Love / Change Your Mind / Piece Of Crap (w/ everybody on backup vocals).