Neil Young - Bridge 10 - 10-19-1996 (review)

I am in harmony with Elwood
Insensisitive with the cinnamon girl charm
However with the sharpened eye of the acoustic Horse
She collects my heart with pleasure
The night darkens and a fresh wind shakes it
As well as black veils which have reflections of the skyline
An old world is massacred
The legends slam on the altar of sacrifices
I am a visitor alone and militant
I came too late to do an unrest
Although I campaigned all my life with this intention
Soul is not lost it remains free
Simpleton mechanic I dream of success in my workshop
I dream up a symphony for keys and hammer
While the neighbors sourcerer's apprentices *
Play with  nuclear power and drink in this fountain of the angels
Since I lost myself on this human highway
I feel scattered and never being called myself
I lost my name and I can't find myself
My felicoty is in your name and in the life
You tell me that I am strange and to remain myself
I call to my Soul for explanations
The questions return to me with the echo without answers
And my single neuron is always missing
With you young lady who is extend on sand
I behave like a boor like an old companion
Your smile will comfort me but I believe to remember for one thing
My Soul is in the heart of the guitar
I'm amazed with the kiss of this improvised dancer woman
I'm amazed to be in communion with Patti and friends
Amazement and also another feeling
Sing with me in one way or another  way
Helpless helpless helplesss 

Denis Between The Rusty Words (03-24-2002)
IDDN 2005

My original text 

Evening setlist : Cinnamon Girl / Cortez The Killer / Campaigner / Human Highway / Scattered / Mr. Soul / Cowgirl In The Sand / Helpless *
# (*) w/ Patti Smith, everybody on backup vocals.

<<At the end of the show, Neil invited all the performers on-stage and went into "Helpless." Patti sauntered on-stage up to Billy Talbot's mike and joined in for a few choruses. It didn't look like anything out of the ordinary was gonna happen until during one of the instrumental breaks, Patti just stepped up to the mike and went into a great "Birdland"-like improv. Back to the chorus, and then another improv by Patti. Neil Young looked floored. It was great.>> [Copyright Mark Faigenbaum,1996] http://www.oceanstar.com/patti/crit/961020a.htm