Neil Young - Bridge 15 - 10-20-2001 (review)


Each child of the Bridge is a multicoloured star
Keith, Danny, Lueza, and ten others smile
With the victorious way of the twenty-five alumni
Each music is a stellar song
This weekend is that of the children of the Bridge
Festive school, lessons fallen into oblivion
Marvellous parents rich in child

Pearl Jam goes away for the imminent Crazy Horse arrival
Who takes his place for seven acoustic songs
Strangely, Pegi doesnít introduce her husband
Her partner as in the afternoon set
And her friends of this evening, Poncho, Billy, Ralphy, and Astrid
Crazy Horse Deluxe is peaceful
Like gripped by an early morning frost
In this extended sky pressing this pollarded ground
The permanent harmonica complaint gives birth to the moon of our heart

Our hearse is slipping crabwise towards the sea
The beach abounds in lamentable shilly-shallyings
Caroline wonít come back, her way back is improbable
Our steps stumble over this nasty dream
And even if it remain hazardous
Our walk must go on
Along with our buried memories
Whitch good or bad, are our treasures to polish up
Already the ghost of a smile enlivens our wild running
Thumbing one's nose at separation

It's great to see you here tonight
And thanks for coming everybody and Neil plunges us
In the old book of his glorious collection
Alone the love runs in rhythm over 500 imposing pages
Before hatred squat in the margins and erase the words
Neil and his friends are in a niche of happiness
Their guitar light up their meeting
The ink of the last page read are in an intense blue
And becomes blurred in the night in a twisting way

Bob gave his questions without answers
Six times under different winds
And regularly offers them to us for each separation
Saturday in San Francisco, this evening in Denver
In 1991, Neil had insufflated into it a slow electric wind
Which agreeably screeched in our hears
Today, the song is blown with a short gust of wind freewheeling
Emergency to put in flight the dove sleeping on sand
Neil had already shaken it alone under the light of this day

I is Neil I is other
Love is Pegi Love is humanity
Many is lost in this labyrinth of the circumstances
They forget that a story swarms characters
Moving at the cardinal point of their life
The Larry mallet nails me to the armchair
In wide gestures he works gongs and cymbals
Beauty of arrangements
Pegi and Astrid in chorus
"Yippee Yi A, Yippee Yi O"
Today drums donít bear the American flag
The scapegoat is not any more Khaddafi but Ben Laden

Neil, another one ! Neil finally flashes a burst of laughter
Then some recognizable French notes
The Marseillaise introduces a message from Lennon and Mc Cartney
When you have or are nothing more only the love matters
Because the love heals the largest wounds of our heart
Marriages grow on the peak of misfortune
The red cap which salutes the Fire Department of New York
Erase the downcast eyes of Neil who gathers his thoughts with leaning head
Large calligraphed signs lick his feet
Everybody produces echo to Astrid who sings ad infinitum
All you need is love until the come back of the French anthem
Our heads whirl whirl whirl
In many red and blue stars
Whirl whirl again and again

"How y' a doin' out there ? Itís difficult to know
Which song to play nowadays
Every song sounds different
Every word means something different"
Are the words of Neil sitting at his organ
Pegi and Astrid enrich the rugged Neilís voice
On this Mother Earth which never appeared in this way
To be the little sister of After The Gold Rush
I understand what Neil in prologue said
This ecological hymn becomes
The funeral anthem for the 09/11 victims
No, Neil didnít need to change
Oh, freedom land par Oh, America

No soft violins, no piano as for the heroes
Crazy Horse use the beautiful crystalline notes of their guitar
Neil makes a sign to the technicians
The John Lennonís words are posted on the screen
All the artists got back the stage
R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Billy Idol,
Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman et Jill Sobule
And remain silent and invite the audience to sing
Pegi and Astrid offer also the words to us on large notice
Astrid is extremely amused
To be Bob Dylan as in his video clip
Subterranean Homsesick Blues
Audience gains self-assurance
Its singing still resounds in our heart
Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can
No modification is given as for the heroes
Imagine no possessions I wonder if I can
Nevertheless the emotion is great
I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one
Good idea Neil making us take part thus
To be vocal instrument on this beautiful instrumental

The artists get comfort, kiss each other
The Billy Idolís knees bend -
Sign of the cross - before Neil
Pegi and Neil thank us and look back
Applaud with vigour the children and parents of the Bridge
Greensleeves accompany us towards the exit
Some embers are still present
Let us save them as long as itís still time
And tomorrow our heart will be hotter
And the music will find its passionate poetry

The pencil draws dedications
Billy to Sheila : "Oh ! ! ! Rusty ! Are you a rusty ?"
His broad smile shows his thought
"Oh, I LOVE the rusties ! ! ! They are soooo great !"
Crazy Horse Deluxe climbs in the trailer
Except the sachem Neil who is missing
He arrives finally and moves towards his glowing cadillac
Hearing "Hi Neil !", his eyebrows work
"This car is AWESOME ! ! ! !" - admiration -
His face lights up : "Thanks !"
"Neil, what year is it ? Nobody seems to know."
"It's a 54", Sheila speaks to her daughter :
"See - I told you this car is newer than me !"
Neil laughs and settles down in the back seat
"Have a great night", he answers : "You too"
The door is closed and Jack actuates the starter
The black cadillac vanishes in the icy night

The End

BETWEEN The Rusty Words
(May 09, 2004)
© IDDN 2005

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Setlist :
~ Early Set (Solo) : Sugar Mountain / Blowin' In The Wind
~ Late Set (w/ Crazy Horse) : Long May You Run / Love And Only Love / Blowin' In The Wind / Mideast Vacation * / All You Need Is Love / Mother Earth / Imagine (instrumental, audience sings)
# Pegi and Astrid on backup vocals. (*) Larry Cragg with a gong.