Neil Young - Concord 1993 (compte-rendu)

With a little delay
My Concord review (06-12-93)
"See or thy tongue will keep the blind"


Orange, white and blue
Are the colors of the night
They fix the center of it
Where our shaggy Neil
Jumps into action
The skirts of his shirt
With broad stripes
Overtake of his chesnut leather waistcoat
And fall on his jeans
Oh, hello Mr. Soul!!
The Loner is a feeling arranger

 "How are you doin' tonight?"
Neil is impatient
To leave and preach
To the southern man
He left without waiting for
The last tunings
The MG's unstiffen themselves
While he reaches a trance
Nervous and wild
Fast and fiery
He stops the pleasure-picking
Let's make it last a little longer
For our greatest happiness!
Oh!! My God!
Tells me my neighbor
At the first notes of Helpless
He is right well!  What a piece!
The complaint of the blue piano
Crosses my heart
Beauty and pain
The band waddles
Neil points his finger at us
This Note's For You
Sincerity and conviction
Glory verse
To each of the two A
With the sexy dresses
 One is introvert
She likes the darkness
The other is extrovert
And finds a malicious pleasure
And hopes I read her problem page
Demon women and wonders
Motorcycle Mamas

Neil gives to Steve Cropper
A rhythm lesson
"I' m glad to be here" and so am I?!!!
And unfortunately without warning
The blue hurricane is released
Excitation and lull
And excitation again!
Is this for Annie tonight?
A glance to the band
Cuts the cataclysm
And Neil does not forget to congratulate Steve
What a manager!!
But now let's make way to the intimist notes
With I Believe In You on piano
(On the right and perpendicular to us)
Doubts and certainties
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Lala – la la . la
Strike up the two A
(There on the right behind Booker T)
Love To Burn leads us
To cross a superb valley of hearts
Which can it only
Lead out onto separate ways?
Steve is now in the limelight
With his splendid guitar phrasing
No break!
One day of dark sun
Like his old black which does not leave him
Make the powder speak - Powderfinger
Perdition and only love can break your heart
And also the organ and piano combination
Neil keeps thinking of this unknown friend
Prisoner of the dream

At last!!!
A song from his latest album!
The only one :-(
 The guitarists take on acoustic guitars
And climb on high stools
To better follow the moon dance
Passion and delicacy
But let's fly away on a dream machine
Worthy of the Crazy Horse performance
Which would have deserved to be played on Ragged Glory
Ooooooh! Neil already gives the final!
But it is for the beginning
Of a final which abounds with
Nervousness and distortion
His strings have worked a lot
And require a quick tuning
"Thank you (...)
An old song for you."
Down By The River!
A river where death and love see a lot of each other
It is bucolic and traumatic at the same time
It is washing down fusion and rust !
The musicians greet us and we do it too!
They return to pay tribute to their neighbor with
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
(by Steve Cropper and Otis Redding)
It is unusual that Neil plays the harmonica
Without doing the orchestra
And it is here!
For our greatest happiness
Organ and harmonica
Steve greets Neil for his performance
Come the big outburst
The great release with
All Along The Watchtower
Passenger whispers that to me:
« Don't try to find out the meaning of the lyrics, Dylan himself acknowledged that the story started with the end of the song. The general significance is that he turned the page of the revolt against the joke of life to give a new direction to his destiny. The watchtower of the fortified city must be the image of the moral state of mankind or political body. Is the duet formed by the joker and the wise thief trapped or exiled from the  fortified city of Humanity? "The question is the answer". In George Jackson, Dylan says that "some of us are prisoners, the rest of us are guards", but that does not change a thing. At that moment, he seemed to think that businessmen drank his profits and that critics and listeners dig his earth. A threatening guitar introduction, a song and a climate which are resolutely "Rock" for a conversation between two archetypical characters who seem to be the contradictory spirits of Dylan himself »
Cheers for your explanations
Here, just like a little time ago
At the Bobfest for the 30th anniversary of Dylan's first recording
Neil YOUNG assumes it!!!
Passenger adds:
« And Neil plays a version full of fire, just like Hendrix »
 Neil gives the best of himself
He's dead
No he fails
Then, filled with happiness, he greets us

Denis Between The Rusty Words
"Listen or thy tongue will keep the deaf"

PS 1: 1993-09-02; MTV Video Music Awards
After a furious Animal,
Pearl Jam have an appointment
With a wild Neil
And launch a Rockin' In The Free World!
The young musicians look
With admiration
At this impetuous grandpa
With the Indian necklace
The second verse
Is for Eddie
And releases Neil
The old black howls
The guitars and microphones are broken
The musicians are off their heads
PS 2: 1994-04-16; Saturday Night Live
Pearl Jam assumes their Daughter
A performance like any other?
Eddie does not believe it
Kurt Cobain has just left
Bewitching music
Eddie softly scribbles K
Scribbles Hey Hey My My
The finish touch is very fine
PS 3: 1995-01-12; Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony
The guitars pour down on stage
Overflowed with fusion
They rust at once
F#@*in' Up
The Crazy Horse is dressed up
As if going out in society
Supported by the Vedder band
Eddie stayed in the background is now in action
He throws a malicious glance to Neil
Beware our ears!
Neil gives the final one for the pure rust!
« I’m sorry baby.
I’m so sorry »
The inner music is out there! 
It's painful for our greatest sake

Thanks to Valérie Charlez for the translation help.
© IDDN 2005

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Setlist: Mr Soul / The Loner / Southern Man / Helpless / This Note's For You / Motorcycle Mama / Like A Hurricane / I Believe In You / Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere / Love To Burn / Separate Ways / Powderfinger / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Harvest Moon / Live To Ride / Down By The River / Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay / All Along The Watchtower

PS 1: Pearl Jam w/ Neil Young ; 1993-09-02 : Rockin' In The Free World

PS 2: Pearl Jam ; 1994-04-16 ; Saturday Night Live (few days after Kurt Cobain death - 04-05-1994) : Daughter (> Hey Hey My My)

PS 3: Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse and Pearl Jam ; 1995-01-12 ; Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony (New York) : Fuckin' Up