Neil Young -Dublin - 08-26-1995 (review)

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My review of Dublin 95
"See or thy tongue will keep the blind"


I see Neil ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Yeah ! Tail of horse and two shirts open ! He gets excited at once for the big green country ! The pit is good when we are in the first row ! ! ! Of my place there's a human weir of heads and hands to  see the totality of the stage ! ! ! I am only a small guy in the crowd but I can see his guitar play all the same ! And it's there the main point ! Big wave of his hand for the larsen ! ! ! Hey Ho ! This evening, we will go far ! ! !

Hey Ho ! Who is this high goof in front of me who films the audience and hides me the sight ? ! Clear the way from there or films Neil at least ! ! ! Ho I don't watch out to the black&white cow in plush posed on a console ! Let us go there with it in Downtown towards the concretization of a psychedelic dream ! Neil dances on all the stage in order to motivate the troop in a good way ! "How are you doin' ?" Good ! ! ! Neil is well heated and takes off a shirt : a LGO woman that I won't give her name passes out ! She'll say later it's because stage was too coloured and crowd too gesticulating.  That she was believed in a Jim Jarmush's movie ! Well, well ! And why not a Bernard Shakey's movie ? ! My eye is still open when Larry Cragg appears for the guitar change and when the fabulous landscape flashes around us ! Courage is in the freedom of this languorous wave (but not deadened) with guitars ! Stop stamp in your hands ! You are not in the rhythm !  Tong-tong - Tong-tong ! You must tune yourself ! ! ! Comes a time for the acoustic set ! This time, the crowd sing in unison with Neil, as one ! . . . And also to beat time on The Needle And The Damage Done ! Neil seems delighted ! But he hides his feelings as possible as he can ! He remains on the right of the stage and play with pump organ for a requiem with our planet which of course she has ! ! ! The pump organ is drawn away at armís lenght and the old black returns with force determined to cut down any hatred ! ! ! Be careful Neil  get nervous ! So super ! And now itís the Eddie Vedderís band getting nervous ! ! ! This ardour finishes by a long squeaking ! ! ! Yeaaaaaaah ! ! ! ! Change of guitar for Cortez which puts Royal Dublin Showgrounds in fright ! ! A guy in front of me has not supported and is evacuated ! In the half-light, Neil does howl his guitar before to take again his old black ! ! Neil engages a note, recovers a launched pink feels it and rejects it to the crowd, follow water and its goblet ! My face is splashed with powder, which digs me a large hole in my memory ! I find myself catapulted in a free world ! The dear Pearl Jam have finally the grandfather's permission to sing with him ! The crowd and the musicians break out ! Like all dazzling, the sight is disturbed, and sometimes misses me ! A larsen in a candlesticklight, accompanies us towards a very nervous and a very great strength hurricane ! ! But in a few words :  he gives the final one at the end of five minutes ! ! ! Now the storms become ! Falls of trees ! Fires ! Earthquakes ! And not respite for us small hearts, hurricane is back even more violent ! Tearing off trees and blocking any loophole ! ! ! Neil sleeps away by the left followed of the others leaving up their guitar which moans on the ground in a long anguish . . .

Denis Between The Rusty Words
(February 05, 2002)
"Listen or thy tongue will keep the deaf"


PS : And I remember in '92 about Pearl Jam which finishes his show in Holland in the Pinkpop Festival by Rockin' In The Free World to roughcast you the hair ! ! ! We were thousands in delirious about it ! ! ! Keep One Rockin' In The Free World ! Keep One Rockin' In The Free World ! Keep One Rockin' In The Free World ! Keep One Rockin' In The Free World !

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Setlist : Big Green Country / Song X / Act Of Love / Downtown / Mr. Soul / Scenery / Comes A Time / The Needle And The Damage Done / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Mother Earth / Throw Your Hatred Down / Cortez The Killer / Powderfinger / Rockin' In The Free World / Like A Hurricane

PS : Pearl Jam ; 1992-06-08 ; Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Holland : Rockin' in the Free World