Neil Young - Farm Aid 2002 (review)


Three old men look at themselves
Neil, Bob and Willie
Look at these fields only inhabited of robots and slaves
The laboratories farmings
Are on a drip and respiratory aid
They surround our small city
Made of some quarters out of wormeaten wooden
Which will not be razed to the ground as long as will squeak the Coca-Colaź ensign
Above the grocer
Above our heads

These young slaves are they with our resemblance ?
We want to believe
Bob takes his guitar and the road
Arrives to Sacramento the 08-10-2002 and y remains until the following day
Then he pushes his pick-up
To Berkeley for two days (11-10-2002 and 12-10-2002)
(to be continued)
Willie takes a glass of milk and Neil his guitar
Young man look at my life,  
You are a lot like I was

Neil turns over to grind close to the abandoned mine
Where all his life he drew
This rare substance
Which gives him a heart of gold
The moon rises in his eyes
His beloved is always and still in his heart
Why not an old jazz which squeaks in a long way away ?
A smile
Rock'n'Roll can never die
I visualize what Neil thinks
A curtain of patchwork
Brown like a good brown ale
Brown like this promising ground
Compost of the life, of our food, of our wellbeing
All that whet us
Neil cooks a good meal with products witch aren't much to look at but with an exquisite taste
Factories pull a face
It is not like that you grow rich
And you starve the World !

 Some seeds of gold germinate on an piano
Organic heat
The dream
Some poisoned seeds assassinate
Cataclysmic heat
The nightmare
Some people leave our planet
To rebuild it elsewhere
I thrust my fists into my pockets
My foot runs up against a radioactive stone
It rolls to the bottom of the slope
Where a production of corn is neat
With savage drugs
Is irrigated with contaminated water
Does Humanity still turn with this good old Mother Earth ?
Which requires only to be liked
It is round as a cosy nest
As the beautiful notes of Willie Nelson
A wind of life whirled until on the Indian totem
A Native family left it
And starts there at once a dance
Whose Neil joined it naturally
And greets them cordially each one
In their requiring to remain with us
The Indian chief Dennis Alley makes of Neil his brother of blood
And offers to him a blanket
The road can be still long and strewn with obstacles
And sometimes it does there chilly
When the sugar mountain is left
The colored balloons burst in our head
Neil and the musicians stop the music during one moment
The words are to be retained
Because it is high time to leave our sugar mountain
Denis Between The Rusty Words

© IDDN 2005

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Setlist :
Old Man / Heart Of Gold / Harvest Moon / Mother Earth * / After The Goldrush * / Comes A Time ** / Sugar Mountain ** /
# (*) w/ Mickey Raphael : harmonica. (**) w/ Willie Nelson : guitar ; Mickey Raphael : harmonica.