Neil Young -
Frisco - 11-21-1986 (review)


The mice Cheeze and Chiz bring the legendary mike they squeal Krazy Orz will deliver decibels tonight there'll be a rumpus behind them the rusted chains hoist the garage door Krazy Nil and his orchestra are plugged in the keyboards attract Mr. Soul who arrives with stilts at his feet the clouds caress his smiling face he bangs his head against the moon the whole bounces by touching the ground the rebound miraculously puts back Mr. Soul on his stilts the moon remained on the ground is made gather by Krazy Nil he runs towards the cinnamon girl of his dreams this girl all that she wants is to dance and itís what she does continuously neglecting all of serious declarations of love that they are Krazy Nil seeks to draw her attention by offering the moon to her unfortunately the daylight takes away the sleep from him and also his dream but at that precise moment he receives a bucketful of water which soaks him and stuns him and plunges him again in his dream where the torrential guitars of Krazy Orz stream the girl jumps in the river and hides behind a rock Krazy Nil puts fire at the moon and asks his lady-love to warm up her body close to him before starting out towards the rainbow the night goes back the girl disappeared and the dying fire awakes Krazy Nil who put up with it whereas the cockroaches buzz themselves with his feet she has everything to appeal to I had everything to appeal to her she doesnít want to live on love alone she is too Ďsolitaireí like the diamond which she carries nicely Cheeze picks up the gigantic telephone which rings hey Krazy Nil itís Mom itís just my luck whereas I do a fantastic show at Friskokonut a mob of girls spirits away Krazy Orz. under the astounded eyes of Krazy Nil Mom asks him whatís this funny smell of burning coming from the garage Ponchi misses and thus is broad-shouldered Krazy Nil is quite lonely with harmonica jammed in and unplugged guitar sits down a miner who is also a large traveller go out of a burrow opens the suitcase which is with him and which seems precious to him he opens it gets a heart of gold out it he polishes it with a rag and throws it up into the air the heart of gold clings to the sky the heart of gold takes the place of the moon the heart of gold shines on Friskokonut the heart of gold shines in our eyes the gold rush is finished a fanfare trumpets knights at arms out announce the arrival of a queen this vanguard disappears in a colorwirl Krazy Nil throws a bone to Krazy Muttt which for fear barks if the bone calms the dog the voluptuous presence of the Inca queen calms us and attracts Krazy Orz and the mouse Chizze which appears with the drums Ponchi awakes exotic birds with multicoloured singings the majestic Inca queen climbs on her mountain where is installed her city her workmen strive to do a good work she dominates the clouds she observes in the sky her strange dreams but finished the softness of the dreams let us not forget that Friskokonut is this evening the capital of the rock'n'roll Granpa Stephenn has wandered deafened in the slummy part for twelve years his toes nibble at the same pair of socks his two other friends Granpa Grammy and Granpa Davy are in the same boat all good things come to an end, but so do the bad an energetic Krazy Nil shows the way of the redemption in his euphoria knocks over mike glass of water pail Krazy Nil blows on his strings to keep the Rock spirit it is his destiny Krazy Nil is happy your girlfriend is at the opera grumbling about you I know but I wouldnít have for anything in the world missed tonight with the moon growing again what a beautiful sight that is the Rock'n'roll oh Krazy Nil a phone call for you again hello Mom not Mom but your Grouchi neighbor who enjoins you to stop this thundering din there is no din here only rock'n'roll Krazy Nil throws the handset in the pail of bones the stars hatches and is reflected in the ocean which cleaves Cortez his ships pullulate of cockroaches a quarantine must be decided to finish their extermination Cortez notices the heart of gold in the sky of this new world his smile can tarnish the splendour of the peoples to protect himself from Cortez who will accost further the door of Krazy Orz garage is lowered Cheeze announces the interval the famous televison journalist Danny Klear tries to interview Krazy Orz who in their escape barely looks at him the unsuccessful Danny fills the emptiness he polishes his shoes does his hair straightens his striped tie files his nails these are small care that I also give to my friends of Krazy Orz that I really know in the private life Krazy Muttt barks someone comes near the garage Grouchi stubbornly affirms to the Trunshan officer and the Tinnytus scientist what the deafening noise comes from this garage if thereís a noise it doesnít come from this garage as the sonometer indicates it but from your cries then let calm down or I take you to the police station these three characters left the garage door opens on a futuristic world Krazy Nil takes a bewitching numerical voice up and he espresses his best wishes a satellite flying by the sky Frometto leaves a humanoid girl last model just gone out of Iroshyma manufacture this girl is at all points in conformity with the wishes of Krazy Nil a unique perfect love which will make you happy as soon as she is taken life the garantee slip indicates that Krazy Nil starts the piece of engineering up which is behaved in a voluptuous and human dance Krazy Nil is flabbergasted and gives up his guitar the Larri mouse is with the piano and the hammer Krazy Nil arranges off-line utility machines with full of computer systems computers are everywhere and that wears me out only the sparkling sun on my glowed skin says to me that I am not a machine and I need you and reciprocally to believe that a heart beating still exists that a better day is still available Grouchi comes and spoils everything he shouts on Krazy Nil who looks form to calm things down Grouchi snatches glasses and mike from him Krazy Nil has had enough he is transformed into an unrecognizable and abject thing gall comes from his mouth his gestures are incoherent and brusque his claws scratch the strings of Old Black Krazy Nil suffers inwardly I am contaminated you didnít have your bacterial and viral protection that wouldnít make the slightest difference now I am ill and nobody can anything for me the vaccine is in me itís only me to find the road to recovery the mice family advises him in chorus to control his violent side Krazy Nil gradually takes again his peaceable looking but he is contaminated and he knows that the fight will be permanent at the refreshment bar the Traching soldier entirely swathed in bandages talks about himself plane against the fists of my parents biplane against the sarcastic remarks from people fighter pilot against the enemies of the nation my real family is called Destruction leaning at the piano Liberti listens you look like a lot to my small daughter whom I never had the war terrifies known as it to me everywhere men with nuclear warhead are forever going on at themselves I like so much flowers and I donít despair to gaze upon the mountain covered with flowers but the way to leave the dead end is still so long Krazy Nil sits down and answers him kindly man never stops getting lose himself in the ways of life how many from my companions became dying babies the sun sets down by sadness for a reviving sun with plenty of hope let us walk with our head held high towards this future Krazy Nil fobs a bone off on Krazy Muttt Krazy Orz continues his lament Alf is in despair he lost his better half at least itís she who left him she was more than the half of you this couldn't go on any longer she is stronger than you your heart broke against her own you pieces the bits to restick them that will serve no purpose you see certainly that there are some bits missing let keep them preciously because they are the most beautiful ones which remains you even if the cockroaches roam around you Alf shuffles of around him two lovers dart towards stars and they are crushed like flies against the laser shield around him on a heavy ocean the blackened board of the surfers bursts innumerable metallic bubbles around him the poor workmen with the bare feet covered by bees works into the ground in the fields whose farmings will give up more than one man in the gutter of the cities around him the sun darkens however this evening the night is not so intense the moon is full and light it flies towards the heart of gold it drives out the black clouds which covered it already you shuffle less of I see besides that you start to hop what would you like to throw a bone to Krazy Muttt all right wait a minute Iíll help you Krazy Nil lifts him up at arm's length then he takes a puff while coming back towards Krazy Orz a mother cries in front of the prison my young son you fade away you are twenty-two years old and have a pretty fiancťe Mom I donít languish during all the day I am cleaned my fingers the red powder is stubborn I need some time to remove it there are also my feet which still float above the ground sonny I itís terrible my shoulders hurt me I sink down into these cobblestones to be knee-deep father did he get a good bag the fog is thick this evening Krazy Nil knocks back a jar and throws it towards us Krazy Nil begins endless squeaks the winds rise Krazy Nil stops the hurricane machine we canít play like that in Friskokonut Ponchiís synth has sudden high temperature rise of temperature has the doctor Sound is dispatched immediately at his bedside and administers first aid to him Krazy Nil is anxious feeling uncomfortable Ponchi scrapes the beard Mickey Mouse gives free rein to his joy synth is up and about Billi and Ralphi are perplexed imaginary disease or not Krazy Nil engages the hurricane machine again he found the smile again he whispers to Ponchi this successful exercise wasnít scheduled must we believe that Krazy Nil jumps for joy and throws furious notes to Ponchi and to his synth the hurricane is increasing in scale the fog is crushed a ravishing girl dances from star to star Krazy Nil joined the dream girl in this great whirling their lips has been suddenly touched Krazy Nil isnít insensitive to her spell faced with a increase of the fog the hurricane machine becomes crazy and Krazy Nil is carried far from a likely love he lands close to the mike where sways the gigantic nest of harmonicas which is eight years old Mr. Myemye goes out from the sellotaped sheet on this harmonica-bag Krazy Muttt not very accustomed to this kind of appearance barks Krazy Nil enjoins him to keep silent and launches a bone to it the mouse family is in festive night Cheeze picked up the hammer and nails the rug down on the Krazy Orz rhythm Krazy Nil goes back and there along the stage Myemye has lots of mischievousness he pulls on the Old Black cord Krazy Nil entrusts it to Larri and continues to sing mimicing his guitar playing Myemye plays with the spotlights blue becomes black and it doesnt reach any more to come back in blue he hightlights a portrait of Johnny Rotten Krazy Nil by finding his guitar is Krazy Gaud finding his origins Myemye goes away and leaves intentionally or not the property door open and Grouchi with the team of the officer Trunshan takes advantage of that to notice and to stop this din Krazy Orz isnít going to let itself be pushed around muddle is gigantic but Krazy Orz persists in his music Grouchi and officer Trunshan takes the advantage and Krazy Orz flees loosely apparently a died quiet stifles Friskokonut the mouse family packs the Krazy Orz material up the mice Cheeze and Chiz dismantle the legendary mike they give up their tasks under the brick jets Krazy Orz and all their friends come to greet us Krazy Nil decides to have this improvised reunion to take a photo of one and all the clown Nyce Muzyc of the ryghtthynking circus produces his calling card to Krazy Orz heís a good counsellor to be on the air and to become famous Krazy Orz doesnít listen to his recommendations our history showed that that shreds our musicwe are bound with the rock'n'roll Krazy Orz gives him a demonstration he becomes strongly wild the clown Nyce Muzyc flees putting his fingers in his ears the girls show up with the rusted noise one of them climbs on the garage roof all of them begin to dance Krazy Nil finishes to be dead beat all the team congratules him Krazy Nil cuts the circuit breaker and the garage door falls down Mr Soul always on his stilts passes through in our mind exchanges especially nothing

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Setlist : Mr. Soul / Cinnamon Girl / When You Dance, I Can Really Love / Down By The River / Too Lonely / Heart Of Gold / After The Goldrush / Inca Queen / Drive Back / Opera Star / Cortez The Killer / Sample And Hold / Computer Age / Violent Side / Mideast Vacation / Long Walk Home / The Needle And The Damage Done / When Your Lonely Heart Breaks / Around The World / Powderfinger / Like A Hurricane / Hey Hey, My My / Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll