Neil Young - Hannover - May 09, 2003 (review)


My Germanic week (Part 4 : Hannover 03)

     05:00 PM, in the area of Hannover Congress Centrum, I find any Rust-list acquaintance, no place to accommodate the Rust-fest! I phone Peter Hard_To_Handle: "Iím in the traffic jam, donít await me before 07:30 PM." To Harmut: "Iím on the way by tram. See you later." Ouch! I am not a palaeontologist; I donít know PREHISTORIC BIRD! And here, where is the city? Eilenriede, immense forest, is queen in the heart of Hannover that has streets strictly reserved for bicycles. Itís pleasant strolling up and down there. A guy carts away under his arm a poster (and its support!) that was stuck. "A Very Special Evening With Neil Young". I come back to Congress Centrum. Nowhere to go, the crowd gathers around the black bus. Ah! I see Joachim! Hallo! I phoned Peter and Harmut. They will be soon there. Broad smile on the face of rusties. Iím Harmut, and here my daughter Andrea who learns French. How do you do? Harmut is even more talkative than Neil is! That is a good training session for me before the show. Now, itís a matter of finding the good admission to go in Kuppelsaal! There are two admissions in the reception hall and four outsides! Iím in the Block rechts (on the right). But employees direct me towards the Block links (on the left). I skirt round the building and finally I find the good admission. My seat is facing an enormous pillar! Itís a real problem! Someone throws my neighbour out because she isnít at her seat. We look at our tickets. She must be my neighbour during the show but we are not in the good seat! However we are, as clearly written on the door, at Block B rechts! It's really baffling! We call out a guy whose the job is to give a seat. He tells us that indeed we are not in the good place. You must go out the building and go in by another admission. Itís eight oíclock and I don't enjoy having to go out! There, I realize! Heís only putting me on! I say him we are in the good Block! Where is our seat? He takes his plan, looks at it attentively, yes, you are right, you are in the good Block, and here your seats. Thank you very well, I wonít keep you long because I see many people looking for you to find their seats, and they are also a bit nervous because the show will begin before long. Moreover Larry hastens to bring on the stage the large yellow folder, puts it beside the chair where Neil will stand and opens it in a well-defined page! Does Neil think to play us a little surprise? Peter and me, we wave us, me at the upper circle, him at the edge of the stage. All is OK, Neil can come on stage. Halos of lights, orange, blue, white, encompass the musical instruments which, themselves, surround Neil who, himself, doesnít escape from the circle of Greendale. The Black Elk sentence comes to my mind: "Everything an Indian does is in a circle". Neil moves slowly and his gestures are precise. Come one, Neil! Please, I am 57 years old! The characters of Greendale are endearing and the things, witch happen to them, could happen sometime. A rusty: "Why?" Neil answers while laughing: "Why? I donít know!" Neil strums his guitar with his right hand while with his left hand he leafs through his notes! That just to tell us with especially one bad tuned string: Someday, youíll find what youíre looking for! Thank you Neil! I hope that as every one of us. But do we exactly know everything weíre looking for? The enormous cylindrical crystal glosses switch on again. Neil once more plays to us a beautiful introduction for Don't_Let_It_Bring_You_Down. Applause and songs! This audience is the most restless in this week; it reacts with the beautiful passages played with guitar and harmonica! At a certain point in the second set, Neil misses the song beginning, but makes up impeccably for this false start. Bravo Neil! Neil gets up for the piano. In his great haste, Neil wobbles to the mike. Stay quiet, Neil gestures that idea with his hand. The mike obeys him. And Neil goes with a peaceful mind towards his dreams. Hello Neil! You knock down a guitar. Neil hesitates, then puts it back in its place. A couple goes away. I say to them that Neil will still come back for one song. Thank you, but our train doesnít wait, but weíll try to stay a little longer, if he hurries to come back. Neil is back again! Yuuhuuuuu! All Along The Watchtower! Of course not, Neil wonít change Heart_Of_Gold for nothing on earth! But he allows himself to play a small jam in the middle of this tune! Thank you Neil! It was fantastic! Offenbach Keller coffee shop is packed. A local musical band finishes its show. Over a drink, I talk with girls seated close to me, but the job seems difficult as they donít know a single word in French or in English language. And I donít know a single word in German language. Itís at that time, Weld comes in my ears like a hurricane on my wisp which is my memory! I go against I usually do, and I jot down some notes because the Hannover Greendale soundtrack will disappear from my mind and I wonít ever play it again this night during my journey back! This acoustic show was magnificent and without error. Zuma... I didnít come here to listen CDs. Joachim is completely dead-beat, he cuts a sorry figure! I had already noticed that in Stuttgart! Yes, itís true I donít often sleep well. I would like to be at the show in Paris, I donít have any ticket yet but if only I had the courage to go there. Sleep well and there are still some seats available for Paris. Letís meet us in Paris! Take care! Take care! The mirror ball continues to turn in this warm coffee shop whereas I am on the point of ending the journey that I started this week. The Englishman Tom Stoppard said this: "A circle is the longest distance to the same point." My travel is in circle line: Munich (May 5) = 1 500 km from my home (left on May 3); Stuttgart (May 7); Amsterdam (May 8) = 2 500 km since May 3; Hannover (May 9) = 3 000 km since May 3. I find my home on May 10 = 4 480 km in this Germanic week. I wonít leave you thus with dreadful numbers! Itís a strange and beautiful dream and also touching one. Iím at Neil solo show playing his Greendale. The audience reacts obnoxiously to his new songs. Neil plays until the end of the story and then he goes away. Second set, Neil plays Lotta_Love, then gets up while saying the show is finished, you can come back home! The ashamed public goes out. I donít believe it! Iím not dreaming, am I? Neil remained on stage and talks with Larry. I come near them. Neil looks severe and annoyed. I understand him. I ask him that itís not true. The show canít be finished! You will still play some songs! Neil comes near me. He answers me that I am not in a dream! The show is finished and well and truly finished! We look each other straight in the eye. I am so saddened by the news that I begin to cry. Whereas I will turn my back on him to go away, I notice that Neil lets slip a tear. A rusty catches me up. Neil has just said to us, tomorrow evening, he hadnít planned to do anything and that heís happy to play in the same place for those who want. We should just show the ticket of this night. The following day, one or two hundred people are present and they remain standing in front of the stage. Neil comes, plays the first Greendale songs, then he stops. Billy Talbot turns up with his bass guitar, as well a drummer with drums reduced to some elements. The installation is fast, and Neil continues Greendale with them, strumming an electric guitar from time to time. What a beautiful gift, Neil, you delight me! I hope, from reading what I write, youíre a witness like me to this memorable musical event!

The End.

Denis Between The Rusty Words (May 18, 2003)
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Setlist : Falling From Above / Double E / Devil's Sidewalk / Leave The Driving / Carmichael / Bandit / Grandpa's Interview / Bringiní Down Dinner / Sun Green / Be The Rain // Lotta Love / Expecting To Fly / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Old Man / From Hank To Hendrix / After The Goldrush / War Of Man // Heart Of Gold

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