Neil Young - Los Angeles 1993 (review)

An exercise : I wrote two versions about this fantastic Neil YOUNG's performance !!!!
The first version like a rusty must write. The last like a bad music reporter should have written.




So now, the first version like a rusty must write





Approach, Mesdames, Messrs !!!!!!

About what is it ? About 09-11-1993, Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California ; w/Booker T and The MG's !!!! Still them!!!!!!! Youpie !!!!.

Here my comments ! :

*  Mr. Soul & The Loner : two standards to heat the crowd, and to put themselves in condition for a good atmosphere on stage and thus a good show !!!
* Southern man : Neil is playing incredible notes in the acute ones.
* Helpless : we're rocked here by his harmonica and his piano.
* Like A Hurricane : a intro and final (2 min) !!!! 2 minutes, is not too much ?? Yes ! First time that I hear intro and final on LAH into 93. Did he play like that in the USA 93 tour ??? In Europe 93 tour, I do not believe it.
* Rockin' In The Free World : a version which is still full of go ! 89 is not far.
* Love To Burn : very succeeded !!!!  We want more of the songs like that !!!!!  And beautiful calmness final or Neil repeats ad infinitum : "take a chance.... take a chance of love" during approximately three minutes.
* Only Love Can Break Your Heart : Let us put back our ears with the notes of Booker T.
* Harvest Moon : it would be his song more currently played and I understand him !  It's so cute.
* A little solo, to see whether the crowd loves and to rest Boooker T !!!!  We love !!!  The Needle And The Damage Done, One The Way Home, Heart Of Gold !!!
* With Powderfinger, Neil has the feel of one's band.
* Live To Ride : more I listen to this song more I find it excellent. And it is still "unrealised"!!!! Damned Neil ! Always joker !!! And that finished in a din of hell.  Let put one's fingers in one's ears !!!!!!!!!
* Down By The River : fifteen minutes including two minutes of din into final.
* Then cries and faindings and shouts !!!!!! We're waiting Neil during some minutes (four). Neil returns to us with Sitting One The Dock Of The Bay for a beautiful performance to the harmonica and guitar.
* Then at once a resumption of Hendrix or Zappa or Bowie, finally, I do not know any more who !!! Help !!!!!! Ten minutes of happiness with All Along The Watchtower !!!! Version more incendiary that that of original interpreted by Jimi !!! (The rusty "Passenger" will appreciate !). The last half of the song (thus five minutes) is an apotheosis of final better than Arc !!!!!!!

Denis Between Annie & Astrid ! Wouah !!!!! I am well surrounded !!!!!
IDDN 2005

My original text 

Rusty must write thusBad music reporter should have written thus



And now, the last version like a bad music reporter must write




< < This shows had seemed torrid . . . :-)>>

Hum . . . . :
1. Rare are the Neil's shows which are not torrid.
2. Perhaps I am too much exalted when I listen to Neil.
The chairs fly in the room when F**** Up passes, and the cats leave their claws (the witnesses do not miss).

I rewrite it to you in normal mode ? Here are what that would give :

Booker T ? Shit he was'nt got tired in 2002, if it's similar into 1993 I don't want to listen to him !!! There's nothing to be said against Neil, he manages well with his guitar but he's his job so doesn't have there what to applaud. If it were necessary to applaud all the people who do good job, we would have badly with the hands and the job would be done less better. A relief Like A Hurricane is curtailed compared to the tour 91 ! H Ho ! Does Neil fall asleep at the end of Love To Burn or he makes us an epileptic fit ???? In any case he's repeated !! Still Harvest Moon !!!???? He doesn't have to play it enough ?? He plays it at each shows !!!!! And there, Neil returns with Booker T in wings. Why ? Because thus Neil can brag with his guitar on three small songs. Ha finally, an interesting piece Powderfinger. But it's what this trick ??? An unrealised song ?? And well so much better ! This would have still do a failed cd !!! And Ae !!!!!  My earplugs !!!! This final is horrible !!!!! What a din !!!!! Oh an old piece of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere:  Down By The River but it misses Whitten to give the answer to Neil !!!!  Danny comes back !!!!!!!! Ah I believed the show was finished, but not Neil returns to deaden us before being left with Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay. And now All Along The Watchtower !!!! Neil doesn't find any more interesting songs which didn't age in his dischography that he's obliged to finish the show by some covers ?????!!!!!! Hey what's this end ?? He won't replay us the 39 minutes of Arc ??? It's time that I will go in bed !!

If you didn't like this comment with the manner of a french Rock&Folk magazine, i.e. insincerely, you can always read the first version.
You believe that a rusty could write this last version about a show of The Loner ???? I hope never !! ;-))

Denis Between The Rusty Words from rock & folk ;-))
IDDN 2005

My original text 

Rusty must write thusBad music reporter should have written thus

Setlist : Mr Soul / The Loner / Southern Man / Helpless / Like A Hurricane / Rockin' In The Free World / Love To Burn / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Harvest Moon / The Needle And The Damage Done / On The Way Home / Heart Of Gold / Powderfinger / Live To Ride / Down By The River / Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay / All Along The Watchtower