Neil Young - Lorrach 2001 (review)

Snoopy's ticket or the LŲrrach review (07-22-2001) - Three parts.
I dedicate this review to Snoopy, to Joachim and his girlfriend, and to Uli.

 Part I

> From : Nicolas Kurtovitch
> To : les-gens-ordinaires
> From: Nicolas Kurtovitch
> To: les-gens-ordinaires
>Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 1:46 AM
>Subject: Re: [gens] Montreux 07-10-2001 review by Rusty Words
> Bravo
> Thank you ever so much for your chronicles
> it's as if we were there
> Cold Mountain >>

I see my Paris show review (06-24-2001) annoyed you by my details. You hated the Vienna review (07-17-2001) for its authenticity. And the Montreux one (07-10-2001) exasperated you because Crazy Horse is almost out off. That's just too bad for you! I present the LŲrrach one - Stimmen Festival (07-22-2001) - to you. And I name it "The Snoopy's ticket". Funny title. But thatís right for this story where we will see, maybe, Charly Brown stumbling over the cables that are on stage? Who knows? All things can really happen. All things can really happen to you. Believing in it is just enough. And taking action.

Previously I must point two or three small things out to you that are annoyances to myself. Initially, I had written to you in my first mail to the French Rust-List: "I never saw a show with him and I await Paris with impatience. A second date would not have displeased to me. Six dates in Germany, five in GB, France with a single date makes small European country for this tour 2001." Of course, there was a second date (read my reviews). The main point is that it is often necessary to reverse the sentence to discover the hidden meaning of our unconscious. Here, reading again the passage "France with a single date makes small European country for this tour 2001", it appears to me: "Iím a small European to be able to attend only shows on the French ground". Idea that annoys me a lot. First thing!

Then there was the "Double F" review about Vienna (French) (07-17-01). His title refers to my misfortune: "Tonight's The Night Part I, Part II & Part III (for Rusty Words and other unlucky persons)". Second thing! He continues by this: "(...) on the left of the stage, a fair silhouette appears from the darkness while Neil plays his first solo set: Ah, poor Denis Between The Rusty Words: girls are there. And they come in. I wouldnít describe them, that'll teach him!" Third thing! "PS nį2 - Astrid takes care of poor Poncho and, she promises, then, she takes care of you." Four thing! Previously, I had read on the French Rust-List: "Take the good things well. Denis said to us in his chronicle of Paris... Denis was disappointed not to see Astrid. Therefore, with the come back of the Gogo's Girls, Denis turns up in Vienna and there will be one more French rusty among us... That is a good news!" Fifth thing! My answer isnít a long time coming:
- If you knew how much that splits my heart, and by a blow of axe!
Dble F: "What is the reason splitting your heart: you wonít go to Vienna, or we hope to see you there?" (Sixth thing!)
I reply: "Come on now, donít turn the axe in my heart."
All this accumulation hurts my fragile dear heart. And today, itís already in the EVENING of Thursday July 19, the 24th being the last date of this tour. I look at the dates of the weekend. On Saturday, Italy. And on Sunday, Germany. LŲrrach suits me a lot. I find a good web-site of a German rusty, and I contact his creator (God, in fact!). In Germany God is called Uli. This one answers me, and then everything is going squaring the speed. Here a part of our correspondence:

> From: ulisb.de <usb@.de>
> To: Rusty Words <@libertysurf.fr>
> Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 8:55 AM
> Subject: Re: Lorrach 22 July 2001
> Hi, sorry but I can't help with tickets.
> LŲrrach is absolutely sold out. All tickets within the German RustRing
> are gone too.
> But I think there is a real good chance (no guarantee!) to get a spare
> ticket from visitors directly in LŲrrach but you have to be there early.
> Please check the Pre-Fest in LŲrrach too. See Tour Guide for
> informations.
> There will be a lot of Rusties who might have some tickets.
> And please place an ad the Tour Guide's Pinboard
> Hope to see you there
> Uli

You understood this message that I received in Friday morning. But I come in a state of great excitement reading "But I think there is a real good chance (no guarantee!) to get a spare ticket (...)". In Saturday morning, a short time after 10 AM, Iím overjoyed when checking my new mails I read "Uli" from my bed my fool mind falls completely in madness. I go mad and itís a really good pleasure for me. My mind is mad. My madness is in my mind. STOP to fool around!

> From: usb <usb@.de>
> To: Rusty Words <@libertysurf.fr>
> Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 11:06 AM
> Subject: Re: [gens] 01-06-24 Paris show review
> Seems I have a ticket for you. It is from Joachim Walter.
> Please refer to me and call Joachim: 0681685---- or 01774------
> Good Luck
> Uli

I donít know if the fact to send my Paris review to him contributes to unearth this golden ticket. In any case, my answer isnít a long time coming:

From: Rusty Words <@libertysurf.fr>
To: usb <usb@.de>
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 10:17 AM
Subject: LŲrrach 07-22-01 - A ticket for Rusty Words
> You found a ticket for me for the Neil's show! :)
> That's wonderful :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) !!!!
> Thank you Uli
> I'm going on the road now.
> A long road is waiting for me.
> I leave my Brittany country (in France, west-west side) immediately!
> I'll try to phone to Joachim too.
> See you later.
> Denis

On Saturday July 21, 2001, 11 AM, I hurry on to LŲrrach to eating up the kilometres in a great voracity.

Denis Between The Rusty Words (07-24-2001)
© IDDN 2005

My original text 

Part II

On Saturday July 21, 2001, 10 AM, I still have one of my feet in my dream and I donít always know if I move this weekend. The "old ploughs" (French musical festival) rust under an uninterrupted drizzle. The small poster for their ten years of festival takes water. Bob Dylan and Crazy Horse declined the invitation preferring the radiant sun at the Stimmen Festival in Germany. Well done! Just your luck!

LŲrrach... I never heard about it. I close my eyes. Small German village in the France-Switzerland frontier fold, in the Mulhouse - Basle one. The road, leading me there, is a ribbon balmy with the first harvests. Sensual delight about wheat, acridness about colza. This cord, with 1,236 kilometres, is sometimes distorted, rearing up. And drivers, preferring quiet and serious horses, swerve and sign their ignorance about Crazy Horse with marks of madness that upset me, frighten me. Are they really true or are they there intentionally to terrify and upset our mind? If you like you can taste this poor horse with empty metal and without savour standing on highway A85 towards Saumur. Or crash your car on the road; the statistics should well be filled. A small thought to Young Billy, Cortezina and T-Bone (three French rusties) when I see a roadsign with "Le Havre" on highway A11 - one river under a flow of cars. Next weekend, I will be one of their home fest. Now on the highway, a notice gives me: "Slow down, the sea will not evaporate". I use my small trick and I obtain "Evaporate you, the sea will not slow down". I received the message; I accelerate. I open the eyes. Iím not able to exceed 110 km per hour, to gather my thoughts for an overtaking. The border is at two hours and the night is sweet in the countryside. I fall asleep.

"Me, the bad poet who didnít want to go nowhere, I could go everywhere" and especially in LŲrrach, forgot to point out Blaise Cendrars (Swiss person less known with the name of F.S.) Heat is intense and puts some mirror plates in the road where greenery and blue clouds spread comfortably. I close my eyes. Itís 9.30 this Sunday morning in LŲrrach. Now Iíve got free time, I remember my hasty departure and my omission to notice you on French Rust-List this fabulous story that landing on me and that I name "Snoopy's ticket". But letís go not too quickly, because I donít know the continuation yet and my ticket still remains hypothetical. On several occasions, I really called to Joachim to his phone numbers but each time Iíve got his blasted answering machine. I try again: itís the same thing! I explain my situation to him once more. This ticket isnít certified as gold for me yet. There I am as a killer of time in the LŲrrach lanes until 4 PM. Iím at the Marktplatz. Itís a small square squeezed by buildings, a small stage is installed, and some German technicians were busy. I come near two rusties recognizable by their tee-shirts. They await the commercial truck that is blocked at the Swiss border. Tonight, theyíll sell tee-shirts. And in Rotterdam the 24th, will they sell off them because this Eurotour will be finished? Valerie will be able to tell that to us, but she doesnít know yet that sheíll find the opportuneness to live the last date of the event of the year 2001. Here, theyíll sell tee-shirts at 20,45 Euros (40 DM) against 30,49 Euros in Paris; that is to say a fall about 33%! German people will be as surprised as I will. But something intrigues me: where will Neil play tonight? These Swiss salesmen put my mind at ease. Here itís the good square and here itís the good stage. Youíll understand well my astonishment. I just ask you to make an effort to represent the layout of the square in your mind. You draw a P in capital letter with long leg twelve metres in width and you clothe this P with a small skullcap for the stage. And you have there what my open large eyes see! Oh, oh!

The afternoon goes on and I didnít see any shade of one German rusty who could give a protection to me about my canicular doubt to be able to attend the show tonight! I close my eyes. I saunter around the stage and around the "59 ers bar", coffee shop where German rusties must gather. I distinguish myself by a note clinging: "RUSTY WORDS / ULI / CRAZY HORSE". Ah! Iíd better not see. A guy accosts me. He wants also to meet ULI! Ah! Ah! Ah! Letís go for a drink! This rusty comes from Australia to attend some shows of Crazy Horse! Perhaps we already met him because he was also in Vienna! This Peter Wachmer sends away the DbleF review and mine without pronouncing in favour of either, because he found this show complete and excellent, Crazy Horse being in great form. Sometimes, seeing the things too close you can watch a distorted vision. For example in Vienna, Neil Young wouldnít have dedicated "Cinnamon Girl" to Elwood, song that he wouldnít have played! My eyes left my sockets rolling on the ground. The thoughtful waitress (I still see her again serving after midnight but not as fresh as a daisy!) picks them up, gives them to me and smiles to my some German words of kindness.

The "59 ers bar" is open now. Some musicians attract people and rock me. I doze off. Peter (the Australian rusty) talks with German rusties. I talk with them about ULI and Joachim. They I can't get over it! They stand in front of Rusty Words himself, the rusty who arrives from Brittany and has been the topic in all their mails since 48 hours! They give me a warm welcome. While a guy goes to look for Joachim who went in front of us few minutes ago, they tell me till I can take no more: "Don't worry! You have your ticket!" Joachim has still not been found and his cell phone is broken down: it sounds and goes directly to record messages, Joachim canít answer but he picks the messages up (and he had received all mine). Here someone whoís disappeared into thin air. "Don't worry! You have your ticket!" OK, I understood. I met ULI who organized this rusty Day and, if it isnít done, who should be proclaimed "Rusty Of The Month"; our national rusty Yotha would deserve too! (Note: She got this distinction having organized the Rust-fest in Paris in 2001). ULI, having a kindly appearance, confirms my admission in the show. Ah! They found Joachim! But where is he? There! No, he was still there at the moment but now he knows that you are with us and keeps your precious ticket. Ah! Joachim? Iím very pleased to meet you. We take the photo. Good mood spreads on our faces. Iíve got my ticket in my hand. Peter asks the rusties to sign a tee-shirt that will be sold by auction in aid of the School Bridge. It could go up in value with the last signature appended by the Loner! He will append his signature close to my own! Buy it French rusties girls and guys! And then, how about Snoopy? Well, like me: you wonít see it! Joachim and his girlfriend want to live through LŲrrach. Their Snoopy dog makes a song and dance about that! The girlfriend doesnít want to abandon her dog and chooses to look after Snoopy and to lose Neil Young and not to look after Neil Young and to lose Snoopy. This sad story is leading up a happy event. Mine. Letís drink to Snoopy and his speedy recovery! Everybody wakes up!

7.15 PM. The square is closed to the public now. People gather at the entry (in bottom of the leg of P). The seconds drag. My stomach digests and my body becomes numb. We can finally go in. Small search for small bags, large search for large bags because "Ton-, Film- und Videoaufnahmen in der Veranstaltung sind nicht erlaubt." The well-padded persons are lucky. They can hide their small bags and their cameras. With me, that becomes a blister especially in summer in light clothing. I elbow my way to the fourth row. I talk with a rusty whoís happy to talk with the famous Rusty Words. But my place doesnít suit me. The guy, whoís in front of me, looks over its right shoulder, and zioup, I pass on the left and in front of him. Now Iím in front of a great hulking brute. Ow! It is more difficult to slip and view is blocked. The guy is turned over but I canít do the previous operation with him again. Itís a good guy and he becomes aware of my problem. He makes me a German speech. OK! You can make it to me in English language now. Youíll see the stage well better if you go in front of me. Thank you! Thank you German rusties! Thank you others fans! Thank you Neil Young! Thank you Crazy Horse! Thank you Pegi! What an incredible day! I declare this July 22: Rusty Words Day! But, shhhh... There is some movement on stage...

I open my eyes. The show is finished. The mob is breaking up and the rusties are going to the Club Sonderbar in order to continue the night. The music band is an electric one and sets up its clobber and starts Southern Man. Wonderful. But I must already think of my come back in my faraway Brittany. I say my farewells to Joachim. I donít find ULI. Being on my way back, filled with crazy notes, I wonder if I am not dreaming, if I didnít dream about all that. This thought makes my head spin. The night is electric. The impetuous sleep comes and I fall asleep with the sweet monotonous chant of its full gallop.

Denis Between The Rusty Words
© IDDN 2005

(Continuation and end in: Snoopy's ticket or the LŲrrach review (07-22-2001) - Part III)

My original text 

Part III

My ghost came back from holidays; I can finally deliver the last opus of this Germanic epic to you. (Some photos can be seen.)

Dream and daydream on July 22, 2001:

I run in this narrow and long alley that leads me to the stage. What's going on? Larry Cragg checks up the instruments. Piano cries its joy, then, itís the organ turn. Then, Larry grasps Old Black. I shout to him: "Like A Hurricane!" He gets a heavy welding sound from it. I ask him for another one. "One more!" No encore. I run in this narrow and long alley that leads me to the stage. What's going on? Did Larry Cragg come back? Drums are active. Each element vibrates under the blows given by... Ralph Molina! The "Listen or thy tongue will keep the deaf" slogan, which is written at the bottom of the drawing on the large drum, still shelves. Listen your tongue will keep the deaf person. I listen and for the moment I still respect the deaf person. It seems to me itís technique, not music. It seems to me Ralph plays as a meticulous technician during half an hour. "It seems to me" because drums are bare here. Pegi, wearing black clothes, appears in the technical place on the left. I wave my hand to her in greeting to break her timidity. She returns it to me with a large smile while she stares at my tee-shirt. Her eyes sparkle because sheís surprised at reading on my chest: "San Diego - California - Americas Finest City". Billy Talbot comes on stage. Will he grasp his guitar? No, he came wasting time. Near Billy, thereís Poncho talking with Larry. Then Neil joins in the discussion. He isnít really in a good mood.

The stress about the last tunings and the small professional worries make the chap sick. Keep cool man, yeah! Sauntering on stage, Pegi eases the strained atmosphere. She takes photos of moments of life. Hey Larry. Click. Billy, Poncho. Clack. Hey, the guy with the original tee-shirt. Click. No, it isnít me, but my neighbour. He drew a motif about "2000 MIH Tour" (Music In Head). Itís insane the time that we spend taking photos, to collect the moment to become memories. I also remember that... But, didn't I create myself these memories unconsciously or... consciously...? Now the instruments doze under their protection rug. Is this dream real? Is everything the fruit of my imagination? I havenít the time to answer you. Now Neil and his associates come from the bottom on the left. - Donít you think there are here too many precisions for the imagination? Ė After all, that means nothing. I continue... Neil waves his hand to the audience (or to the movie camera?), grasps his guitar. And the show goes on. Itís approximately 9.20 PM and the technicians will come back on stage at 00.02 AM. So we have 2h40 in private conversation with the Loner. Yeah! I call out to Poncho in order to make him joyful!

With the first chords under a red light, I feel that Neil doesnít need to take his marks or to warm up. He keeps times for the distortion in his very worked guitar playing. What a wonderful Man! (Photo 1.) The show is POWERFUL. The sound is EXCELLENT. Crazy Horse is unbridled. As soon as he comes on stage, heís a top level artist (not really fresh, itís natural, this tour comes at the end). It isnít the same Crazy Horse as I saw in Paris. These two shows are complementary to determine its musical identity. LŲrrach is less experimental than Paris, but the songs playing are better. "I've been waiting for you and you've been coming to me". Fortunately the dream exists and thanks to it because thus I could meet you. Good monkeys, having watched the "Weld" video, have been mingled with the very quiet crowd. I regret the Paris audience. I regret the Sylver& and Ray Moon (two French female rusties) presences in the audience (still unknown to myself)! I wrote on the French RustList: "Crazy Horse started quickly - the show is recorded and thus the band "didnít almost need" the audience." Making my little game a laughing stock, Elwood answers me: "In any case I understood one thing, Crazy Horse doesnít need any audience... so do you need Crazy Horse? Let's got the blues... ß!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! ;!!ßßßßß ßßß ßßßßßß ßß". Neil notices me with "Love & Only Love". One guy with a lugubrious voice shouts louder than music! I give him shivers. His first shivers. My tired body holds out, so Iím still able to dance. Is there in "Piece Of Crap" that Billy stops to face Ralph? It doesn't matter. The audience becomes a little bit wild shouting with me "Piece Of Crap". Thatís strange: I havenít get any furious "Piece Of Crap" crying into the finale. (Photo 2.) Larry Cragg sits down at the piano. But the piano is dumb, however it has been checked up in the afternoon! Oh! Larry is annoyed and angrily strikes his fists against his thighs pounding the "Going Home" rhythm. One technician comes in. Now itís OK and... the rotten luck sticks to his skin! I donít know how the water bottle, which is on the piano, is overturned on the keyboard. Hell! Larry stays sitting, heís annoyed and angrily strikes his fists against his thighs pounding the rhythm like "battle drums were pounding". He looks like a lone warrior on the hill. He feels a little bit as a totem. Here, the Indian totem (I didnít see it lighting as in Paris) is less figurehead than GoGoGirls! The last-mentioned are useful in the 2000 MIH (Music In Head) Tour, but it isnít really true here. :( It isnít in this manner that the GGG will bring us in the sirens island with their singing. Lastly, Pegi finds an occupation worthy of interest: she gives rhythm to the audience clapping her hands because I often noticed in the shows that the clapping isnít always in unison. Here, the audience proves me right (alas). This pictogram: ß( :-)) doesnít correspond to what I see ß( :-)). No smile, any nice waves, very retiring. Ray Moon, if you saw another ß( :-)) in Vienna, youíre lucky. The details of her dress? Pegi, red low-necked summer dress. ß( :-)), a large flower on her breast, horrible tight-fitting trousers, and it seems a cracker has been explodes into her hair. Just like Novostar in the early set of the Crazy Horse night, Neil takes his old guitar and gives acoustic sound to us (Did Hendrix already play with acoustic guitar? Ė Note in 2005: Iíve seen Jimi did it since I wrote that.) Under blue moon, in the middle of a meadow with buffaloes, long may he runs. Neil is getting ready, I have a feeling of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" driving me to big despair. His version with piano or acoustic guitar is much better than with electric guitar. "He hides his head inside a dream. (Photo 3.) Someone should call him and see if he can come out." Iím shouting "Trans Am" to him. (I face a mike audience and I donít hold back! I surely spoiled some tape!) Then I  notice a reaction on the Neil face, (Photo 4), an idea, an impression or a memory crossed his mind. New shiver? And Neil comes back in his dream (Photo 3) starting "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", and, he leaves me alone in the nasty wind that was blowing through the gates of Eden Park. An electric breeze brings me back to the superb light of love. (Photo 5.) Itís far beautiful than it was in Paris. Itís far better than it was in the sky and stars of Going Home. The somebody saying thereís a place on high where angels tear their wings to pieces, it is I. And it isnít because they hear the murmur of "Gateway Of Love" and they can find, just like me, the song being average, being played too lifeless, no, itís because angels envy us, human beings who have desires and dreams. Angels never dream and havenít any desire. Itís enough to become furious. But Neil understands them and plays "Hey Hey, My My". What a rage! (Photo 6.) Johnny is rotten with that (laughter without sound - Iím a pro). Crazy Horse gives a belting to the rust. In the action Poncho forgets to make mimicry with the public, remember it but sees that the audience makes them and continues playing his mind at ease. Neil sings us "My My, Hey Hey" in the last verse. Then Neil comes back to the mike and wants to continue to sing but he realizes that he finished the verse and thus the song and that he havenít good reason to come back to the mike and bursts out laughing (without a sound - heís a pro). Ralph gives the deathblow and the song is finished. No, Neil prolongs it by distortion during a good minute! During this time, the organ arrives. And how! Silence had well to be filled. It's a blessing. The dove doesnít come from the sky as in Paris but it comes on castors. Poncho is ready and starts, giving the signal for the introduction about... "Like A Hurricane".

No break between these two songs. Thatís really fantastic. My dream is that Neil plays his show with broad introductions mixed with broad finales, the whole decorated with some lyrics - an "Arc" sequel - but being not a rush job from studio. Live Music!!!!!!!!! Perhaps will he do that here? Iím always in my dream, ainít I? But I donít control very well the dream mechanism yet and "Like A Hurricane" seems short to myself. Neil goes rather quickly into feed back, then returns to normality, then goes into the feed back again. He breaks his strings, plays with the last remaining string and puts his Old Black down on the floor and kneels to find some sounds. Suddenly Neil leaves his instrument and is going to inspect the Poncho work over his shoulder, and goes facing Billy to watch him working. This role, which Neil acts, doesnít suit his own image, and this attitude as an unpleasant expert displeases me. But itís just a dream and Iím just a dreamer. I make a smile thinking about the Novostar guitarist who breaks one string from the outset, but unlike to Neil, isnít happy and wants to change his guitar being perhaps in its case. One guitarist is missing in this Belgian band in order to give the counterpoint. Novostar, I have the feeling Iíve seen this band before. Iím not able to remember that. On TV? On stage? Or just ten minutes ago in my dream? I leave my thought there because Crazy Horse comes back on stage! And with "Fuckin' Up"! Super! Poncho shouts youyouyouyou. I answer him. The sound is energetic. Poncho shouts his "Fuckin' Uuuuuuuuuup". Tonight, my heart is made of steel and I beat him without problem but there's no merit in that because compared to Paris, he divided his shout by two. No blue finale as in Paris. Then, I shout at him youyouyouyou while Iím waiting for the next song! And... must I announce that? Itís the song that Neil dedicates to the great hunter of moonlight who is Elwood. And how! Youíre lucky, Elwood! About this one, Iím on the same territory. But donít go away, Elwood! Await the last encore. It will be perhaps for you...

Here they are on stage again. Some requests for songs come from the audience. "Rockiní In The Free World" has the advantage and also "Powderfinger", we can also hear "Farmer John". The guy who is in front of me says to me: "You can ask all tracks. Why not "I' m A Child"?". I always remain silent and, when the audience is quiet and that nothing comes to disturb silence until the next notes, I shout "Down By The River"! AND THREE SECONDS LATER - one, two, three - Neil starts directly... "Down By The River". Ah! Ah! Incredible!!! I can't get over it! I ask and Neil plays! I know he was thinking of playing it before (really?) but the effect is impressive. The guy being in front of me is dumbfounded like everybody noticing this event. Now Iím in the heart of the dream and my memory has dark parts like being in periphery. Neil tirelessly repeats "Be on my side" until we react replying at his words: "I'll be on your side". (Photo 7.) During all this time, Neil waited until we answer him. Ha! Ha! Ha! I am useless! Ha! Ha! Ha! It's not a laughing matter! Ha! Ha! Ha! Iím not quite within my rights that Neil will play another song. Then I take advantage of the moment to shout ß( :-)), but itís covered by loud applause. Not any song? Rather! "Powderfinger". The audience sings with Neil. I like lyrics, less the musical arrangement, and I canít explain that. I always feel that about this song (except in country music). But I like the following one but I quickly weary of this music now. Here is "Rockin' In The Free World". Neil heard the German audience previously and must play it. A short while before, Poncho is called by the audience to play "Rockin' In The Free World". He uses signs to communicate with us to say that 1) He doesnít know what song will be played very shortly; 2) He isnít himself who choose songs that will be played. Therefore heís merry to satisfy the audience. I have slept in my shoes since the morning that was my arrival in LŲrrach. Red, white, blue. The three guys gather and play wild rock'n'roll until exhaustion (three? And how! The fourth doesnít move from his drums). Terrific! They look at each other, have fun: who will collapse the first? (Photo 8.) I leave them KO and I wave my hand to Pegi, there's no point in relying on ß( :-)) tonight. Pegi gives me back the sign with a broad smile while she remembers our meeting in this afternoon. Poncho thinks the show is finished and he is pleasantly surprised to see Neil, who had slightly forsaken his guitar, to take it again! Let's get the show on the road again for "Roll Another Number"! Fantastic! The last verse about Woodstock makes Neil and his band laugh. (Photo 9.) He doesnít want to do Woodstock again but comes back with Buffalo Springfield. Ah! Itís better to stick to memories than nostalgia. Itís the final reverence. The GGG are also invited. Crazy Horse Deluxe looks at (observes) with an unspecified feeling that I can define, the audience (who undoubtedly paid anything) perched in their hotels few meters opposite the stage, fixed at their windows lit by the street lamps. Then Crazy Horse is swallowed by backstage. Under a small music at the close, the crowd disperses, every soul is overjoyed to have lived this show. Neil knew well how to create one musical space and to give free rein to his universe in it. Thank you Neil to have allowed me to ride on your property. You haven't said a single word to me if I donít count when you repeat me tirelessly "Be on my side". And itís at this time I choose to become the disrespectful deaf. But are we always oneself in the dream? Because it was a dream! No, it isnít?... Didn't I imagine all that?... Or, everything is as real as Paris, Montreux or Vienna? I wonít really be able to say that.

The end (tear)

Denis Between The Rusty Words (08-23-2001)
© IDDN 2005

My original text 

Setlist : Don't Cry No Tears / I've Been Waiting For You / Love And Only Love / Piece Of Crap / Going Home / Hold You In My Arms * / From Hank To Hendrix / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Pocahontas / Long May You Run / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Standing In The Light Of Love / Gateway Of Love / Hey Hey, My My > Like A Hurricane // Fuckin' Up > Cinnamon Girl // Down By The River * / Powderfinger * / Rockin' In The Free World * // Roll Another Number *
# (*) w/ Pegi and Astrid on backup vocals