Neil Young and Bob Dylan

June 1970 : Fillmore's East, New York
The 2 or the 6, Bob Dylan was in the audience in this show of CSNY. We donít know what Bob thought about the performance, nor if he met them after the show because Bob was very busy at the time for the recording of new songs in the New York studios.

1972 : Heart Of Gold from Harvest
"Hiding out in Phoenix at the time, Dylan was driven crazy by Heart Of Gold. "I used to hate it when it came to the radio", he said to Scott Cohen in 1985. "I'd say, shit, that's me. If it sounds like me, it should well as be me. There I was, stuck in the desert someplace. I needed to lay back for a while, forget about things, myself included, and I'd get so faraway, and turn on the radio, and there I am, but it's not me. It seemed to me somebody else had taken my things and had run away with it. Y'know, I never got over it"". (from 'Shakey' ; p : 373)

Around September 20, 1973 : Roxy Theater
Neil Young w/The Santa Monica Flyers play four evenings in succession in this place of Los Angeles (eight shows !). In the audience, many artists are present such as Bob Dylan. When it was asked to Bob Dylan if he wanted to pay Neil Young a visit in backstage, Bob answered : "No thanks, we' ve just eaten". Bob Dylan loves to disconcert.

July 22, 1974 : St Paul, Minnesota
From Backstage, out of the audience sight, Bob Dylan attends to the large part of the show which CSNY give. Dylan is here at home and came to visit his family and his boyhood friends (Louie Kemp). "In the middle of the acoustic set, Neil Young introduced ''For the Turnstiles'' saying : "Here's a song I wrote a long time ago. There's a couple of really good songwriters here tonight ; I hope they don't listen too closely." Bob Dylan says a reporter (whereas Neil plays "Don't Be Denied") that he is downtown for funeral. And concerning the show of CSNY, Bob talks to him about the problems with Frank Sinatra in Australia and about the weather in San Francisco. Then Bob Dylan adds point-blank : "I like to play small rooms !". The reporter isnít going to let himself be disconcerted : "Your next record should be a comedy record". Bob : "All my records are comedy records !" This night, in the hotel, Bob Dylan gets Stephen Stills to come - he is in an adjacent room - as well as the bass player Tim Drummond. During two hours, Bob Dylan will play them a session with guitar of his brand-new songs. Tim will say the afternoon : "Dylan's got an album. It's great and it's completely different from Planet Waves. It's gutsy, bluesy, so authentic. I heard eight or nine songs and it's the first time I've sat in a room and liked everything I've heard."
[Note : I put the dialogue with the reporter because it outlines well the Dylan character par excellence].
The review of the reporter is here :

1975 Zuma recordings Sessions
Bob Dylan realized "Blood On The Tracks" (January). "Dylan, who lived around the corner from Briggs, shuffled in and joined the Zuma sessions, first on piano, then on guitar. "He didn't talk, just nodded" said Sampedro. "He was dressed in Sears (*) clothes. I don't know it was Dylan". "and I don't know he was so short" mused Ralph. The actionpacked line-up fizzled when the Horse inevitably fell apart. We did a bunch of his songs, never got one right all the way through" said Poncho. "Neil told me later Dylan said 'your band has a good beat, but they can't play' and Neil replied 'heah, but think about it, Bob, you could play with them ....' ". (from 'Shakey' ; p : 488)

March 23, 1975 : SNACK BAR benefit at Golden Gate park
At Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, Bob, the Band and Neil play together. The show is on the local radio, but the mike of Dylan had some problem and makes the voice almost inaudible. In the audience : Willie Mays and Marlon Brando.

August 28, 1976 : Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California
Neil is invited on stage in the Firefall And Spirit show to play two Bob Dylan songs : "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" (w/ Firefall), "Like A Rolling Stone" (w/ Spirit)

November 25, 1976 : Winterland, San Francisco
The show of Bob Dylan and The Band is filmed by Martin Scorcese, "The Last Waltz".  Six songs of which the last one is "I Shall Be Released" and is performed by : Neil Young (vocals), Eric Clapton (vocal & guitar), Ron Wood (guitar), Paul Butterfield, Bobby Charles, Neil Diamond, Ronnie Hawkins, Dr. John, Richard Manuel, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr (drums).

July 13, 1985 : Live Aid
Dylan plays with Keith Richards and Ron Wood. This day, Neil played there also in the festival and they had to meet in backstage, maybe !!! Not sure, but a remark from Bob in TV draws Willie Nelsonís attention and Farm Aid is created. Bob will be convinced to take part in first Farm Aid, by a phone call from Neil Young !

Spring 1988
Dylan acts a role of a painter (no name) protecting Jodie Foster (Anne Benton) whitness to a murder in "Backtrack" (Vestron Pictures Production). Neil Young has also a minor role (a mobster) but that has cut at the final. The film by and with Dennis Hopper is released in 1990 (available in DVD).

June 07-10-11, 1988 : California
Bob Dylan starts his American and Canadian Tour in California, in Concord Pavilion in Concord. Neil Young plays the guitar on every electric songs and that in every Californian shows of Bob which follow except the 9th in Sacramento (?).
""Neil took over the whole show" said Elliot Roberts who was listening to the Dylan's aprehension over Young playing the next night, when Neil bounded over : "Great show, See ya tomorrow, Bob ?". "Yeah, Neil", said Bob wearily. Even Dylan can't say NO." (from 'Shakey' ; p : 15)

    June 07, 1988 : Concord at Concord Pavilion
    Bob says : "Alright, thank you ! We got Neil Young here playing tonight !"
    (after 4. "You're A Big Girl Now")
    Bob says : "Thank you ! That's Neil Young on the guitar. Give him a hand !"
    (after 12. "Like A Rolling Stone")
    13 tracks : 1-6 and 10-13 Neil Young (guitar).
    June 10, 1988 : Berkeley at Greek Success
    Bob says : "Thank you all, you're so very kind ! We've got Neil Young playing with us tonight."
    (after 14. "Like A Rolling Stone")
    17 tracks : 11-14 and 16-17 Neil Young (guitar).
    June 11, 1988 : Mountain View at Shoreline Amphitheatre
    16 Tracks : 10-13 and 15-16 Neil Young (guitar). He plays for the very first time "Blowin' In The Wind".

October 28, 1989 : Bridge School Benefit 3
Neil Young plays the piano "Everything Is Broken" at the time of the short opening set of Bridge which is at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View in California.

1991 Smell The Horse Tour with Crazy Horse
It's the Gulf war, Neil Young plays quasi solo an electric and apocalyptic cover of "Blowin' In The Wind" at every shows. This has been the third song for 51 sets.

November 1991:  Forever Young
Neil plays twice this song in the Bridge School Benefit (organ ; acoustic guitar). Neil plays it again the day following in Bill Graham Memorial.

February 13-19, 1992 : Beacon Theatre
Dylan attends the six shows of Neil Young at the Beacon Theatre in New York. Between performances, Neil and bob live in bus to smocke. They went one night to see together the David Brombergís set at the Bitter End. And at the last show, an additional guitar is on stage but its player didn't come.

October 16, 1992 : 30th Anniversary concert celebration (Bob Dylan)
At Madison Square Garden in New York, the show is fantastic, and Bob Dylan who is bored not far from there, joined the stage. He will play "My Back Pages" with Neil Young who sings a verse, Clapton (similar), and Tom Petty. This evening, Neil plays for the first time in stage : "All Along The Watchtower". He is bitten by this song ! Neil played this piece 95 times in all ! And how many time did Bob play this Neil song on stage ? Neil Young also played "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues". Neil played "Forever Young" with organ, but only at the time of the rehearsals.
(Note : Bob Dylan took an active part in the rehearsals, playing guitar with other artists)

July 18, 1993 : Bad Mergentheim
Dylan attends the Neil Young show from backstage in Bad Mergentheim (Germany). Booker T Jones tries to persuade Bob to come on stage. Neil introduces "All Along The Watchtower" (he played 18 times in the 19 shows in this Eurotour), saying : "A song for my friend Bob Dylan, who is near here somewhere, . . . maybe just around the corner". But Bob remains in backstage.

09 Octobre 1993 : Mountain View
Neil Young joined Bob and The Band whereas Bobís Tour 93 ends (31 shows). Neil plays the guitar on the last song of this show : "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat".

1994 Grammies Award
"On March 1, 1994, Young attended the Grammies like any other dutiful rocker. He had received 4 nominations for "Harvest Moon" plus one for his contribution to the Dylan tribute concert.". (from 'Shakey' ; p : 693)

October 20, 1994 : Roseland Ballroom, New York
Last in the three shows in this room, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen join Dylan and The Band for both last songs : "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" and " Highway 61 Revisited". Neil and Bruce play the guitar but donít sing. In fact, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen came for the show of Sheryl Crow and looked it in its entirety. Then Neil and Bruce went in backstage talk to G.E. Smith (Dylan staff) before Bob Dylan begins his show. Neil and Bruce came back in the audience and looked at all the Bob show. The intermission came, someone came up to them to lead them in backstage. Climbing on stage, they stop halfway : Bob had begun "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35". They waited until Bob is in the half of the song to turn up on stage and to catch a guitar. Then the three friends are again on stage for a new call with "Highway 61 Revisited". Neil Young plays the guitar with a bottleneck.

July 13, 1996 : Hamburg in Germany
Before to start "Heart Of Gold", Neil plunges his harmonica into water, then he puffs in and out into it and says : "It's a little trick I learned from Bob".
Don't you ever try to change water by whisky ? Harmonica sound is better, more clear.

1997 Neil Young is in Bob Dylan song
Highlands : Album : "Time Out Of Mind"

I'm listening to Neil Young, I gotta turn up the sound
Someone's always yellin' "Turn it down"
Feel like I'm drifting, drifting from scene to scene
I'm wondering what in the devil could it all possibly mean

October 18, 1998 : Bridge School Benefit 12
The second day, Neil play "I Shall Be Released" w/ Phish & Sarah McLachlan.

April 19, 1999 : Madison Square Garden, New York
Carl wrote : "On 04/19/99, Neil kicked off a 3 night solo stand at The Theater @ Madison Square Garden. The Garden marquee, however, read "Tonight - Bob Dylan". We got a good laugh out of that but it also got us wondering ... is Bob going to make a surprise appearance (that would have been difficult since Bob was touring Europe at the time).
An announcement was made prior to the show that, indeed, Bob would
not be appearing.  Neil also made a Bob reference during the show. 
I think he had gotten a bit of feedback while playing a piano song. 
After the song he said something like, "That was Bob playing along

June 27, 1999 : Phoenix, Arizona
Bob Dylan, on stage at Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion, said : "Thanks everybody, you're too kind... You know, I was talking to Neil Young yesterday (audience cheers at the mention of Young) and he said to me, he said 'Bob, you just can't hear cool music on the radio anymore...' and I say to Neil, I says 'sure you just... (a decent pause) you just need to stick your radio in the refrigerator."

July 14, 1999 : Raleigh, North Carolina
Bob Dylan, on stage All-Tel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, said : "Larry was talking to Neil Young the other night and Neil told him : 'You don't hear any rock 'n' roll these days', Larry said : 'That's not so. You just put a stone up to one ear and a hamburger bun to the other." Then a few moments later he stops before introducing Charlie and says "No, it wasn't Neil Young, it was Elvis Costello".

June 24, 2000 : Mountain View, California
Bob Dylan played at Shoreline Amphitheatre. Neil Young paid his respects backstage after Bob's set. They did not perform together. [Thanks Al for this information].

July 09, 2001 : Town Square, Brescia
In the show of Neil Young w/Crazy Horse Deluxe, Bob remained to look at them near the mixing desk, during half an hour, showing a expressionless face. Small ugly moustache and black Texan hat. Half an hour to wonder how is it that he is not any more a rocker, that he canít play rock'n'roll as well as Neil Young, etc. Bob Dylan played the following day in this Italian city.

2001 Bridge School Benefit 15
One month has passed since 9-11 and America is still wounded. The venue of the two acoustic shows is the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Ca. Neil will play four times "Blowin' In The Wind". Twice per day : both solo and with Crazy Horse (Deluxe line up)

October 8, 2002 : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bob Dylan plays "Old Man" for the first time in a show, and will continue to play it the following days. October 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 (Early & Late), 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29 and November 1, 2, 3, 5 (Early & Late), 8, 9, 11, 13, 17, 20, 21 make that Bob Dylan played 29 times. (Do you agree with me ?). And each time "Old Man" will be the 12nd song in the show, and Bob and Larry are with acoustic guitar, Charlie with electric guitar and Tony with bass guitar.

2003 : Bob Dylan is in Neil Young song
"Bandit" : ALBUM : "Greendale"

No one can touch you now
but I can touch you now
You're invisible
You got too many secrets
Bob Dylan said that somethin' like that


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Other think : Bob played with Tom Petty in Brussels in 1987