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The rusty Left For Dead wrote :
<<I always thought he wrote Poncho instead of Pancho, because it was a reference from Sancho Panza, the assistant to Don Quixote in the Cervantes work. Isn't Pancho Sampedro kind of like the Sancho Panza to Neil's Don Quixote ?<<

Hi ! For me Frank Sampedro will be forever : PONCHO ;-))
And Neil is Don Quichote ? ? ?
What do you think about another character for Neil ?

"I am Neil Young, Neil Percival Young, and I am a guitar player of the band Crazy Horse." says Neil in Year Of The Horse movie.

That provoques my smile. Why ? Percival is for Perceval a knight of the Round Table of King Arthur. A knight has a horse and why not a Crazy Horse ! ! ! ! ;-)) Yeah ! ! ! :):):):):)

Neil found his destiny : to ride the Crazy Horse !
Perceval had a pure soul . . . . . . . like Neil.

Another smiley : Perceval sould come to the very old french "Perd-Cheval" meaning like he "Loses-Horse" ! ! ! So for one more time, Neil has his destiny : found the better Crazy Horse to ride it ! ! ! Somewhere Neil was obliged to recall The Rockets : Crazy Horse ! ! ! It was inevitable ! ;-))

I know also the tragicaly death of Crazy Horse, the oglala chief, the 5th Sept 1877 and his soul is surely return to Paha Sapa (Black Hills) where all Sioux chiefs are there.

Light for some verses :

Tonight the knight
He used to sleep until the afternoon
(After he used his guitar all the night for our pleasure) ;-)

And every one will touch the knight
(When you hear his live music) ;-))

When he turns the floodlights on each knight

She was looking for a ride through the knight
(No comment)

Here comes the knight
(We're waiting for him ! !)

When the knight's dark shadow falls
(Fantasy shot ! !)

I feel the pressure building every knight
(Fantasy shot ! !)

Remember the knights of love and that moment on the beach
(sentimental faithful admirer)

Now the knight is gone, a new day is dawning
(Frightening tied-horse "cheval-liť" ! ! ! ! ! ! brrrrrr ! ! !)

And the knight falls on the setting sun.
(Great poetical fall ! !) ;-)

If I only had a heart it would beat all knight for you
(and if and if and if etc....)

The knight was cold
And the wind was howling
(All along the watchtower ? ? ? ? ?) ;-)

I am Denis Between two old street lamps and I touched the k-night ;-)
(December 2002)
© IDDN 2005

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