Neil Young - Phoenix Festival 1996 (review)

The restless horse spreads its wings in a whack close to the evening candles
It grows delirious in a fever with a jubilant reading

The cormorant in a long calvary dries its feather
The river is on very intimate terms with the ocean at this place
One shot goes off pushing the cormorant in the life also filled with a girl left for dead
The known or impossible ford isnít much sought-after ones
The horse leaves its pedalboat that isnít very practicable at all
Water with arms is prophylactic even if joints rust
The oilcan is in the English kit
Old youth thinks itself exempt from that
The dreams are filmed
Are there any projections that will still cross each other
The high line squeaks the eternal way
The lovebird slips away in disintegration bursting the tambourine
The travel whirls the light head
The fair lights the bittersweet eyelid with its fleshy bones

A pitted trail is pecked without any rising sun
The beautiful plumage of friends tarnished with washing Danny
"Tide" is a good washing powder
The egg of the condor flies in a coloured way under festive screeches
Piece of sugar
The eagle isnít raptor but majestic flight
Strength is "good to be here"
At least 24 pounds slip under the wren hoof
The harrier scratches with its filed claws
The rough patches are uncovered

The technical beer is taken on the left and on the right before the Ark
The lark is brooding the peregrine falcon
The linnet its head
This titmouse dressed in cuckoo expresses the distress about the isolation of other species
Families make up as titmouse
The storm is gorgeous into our eyes that are very close and serene
Like the weather fixed above the roost
The dove stigmatizes its face with its foot
Contrary to timorous swallows, swifts keep their flight close to the ground but nevertheless shaken by noisy lightning which are printed in our heart...
(... Whether it is pure or faded)

The night for two the night for you and me
Icarus on his milky satellite aims at the star with the capricious and mischievous varicose veins
The gannet is surprised about a not very deep but nourishing water

The stone is imposing and its taking flight with spread wings is shuddering
Its carving is in fine brutality
Birds watch its passage under a leaf
Itís turning to rain some night

Eagle owls and pipistrelle bats straighten up their nocturnal rage put up the humiliation about diurnal sleep
Beautiful scuffles shit on passers-by driving an armoured prospect

Denis Between The Rusty Words
© IDDN 2005

My original poem 

Setlist from this show : w/ Crazy Horse ; 07-19-1996, Phoenix Festival, Stratford upon Avon, England

Hey Hey, My My / Down By The River / Powderfinger / Big Time / Slip Away / The Needle And The Damage Done / Sugar Mountain / Heart Of Gold / Cinnamon Girl / Fuckin' Up / Cortez The Killer / Music Arcade / Like A Hurricane // Sedan Delivery / Dangerbird / Rockin' In The Free World
Band :

Neil Young : vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Frank Sampedro : guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot : bass, vocals
Ralph Molina : drums, vocals
Larry Cragg : tambourine, technician