Neil Young - St Louis - 01-11-1989 (review)


One month ago, Neil played with CSN for the Bridge School and two months ago he finished the tour of the ĎThis Noteís For Youí time. Itís the first show of the 1989 tour with The Restless of which the first set is taken charge by Neil playing solo. Iíll skip the details about why I am not present at the acoustic set and about that I arrive directly at the electric set. Shame on me ! !
It begins like a whirlwind with a piece of Eldorado. The band name suits it and Neil isnít outdone, everybody of the four guys are really restless. My heavy love sings in my head. Neil leans his shoulder against Rickís one. But it is a short moment because Neil is connected on a battery ! ! ! But what is Neil doing ? ? He comes towards us, takes his guitar off and puts it against him and begins to play with an imaginary guitar as a broad smile comes in his face. Stop to have a good laugh, what is the fucking up adjustment, a technician rushes up, Restless continues without his leader. Laughing, Neil goes back towards us Old Black in his hand and has the gesture throwing it on us ! What a clown ! ! ! Neil comes back in the song, but at once a noise ! Telephone bell or door bell ? No. A thunderous noise ! Each time that Neil touches his fetish Old Black ! Whatís going on ? Neil looks at his pedals then continues the piece also furious and finishes it in the night. Neil is alone in a spotlight way, he tests his guitar, looks at it. He speaks to the technician and to the audience. There itís good but not there ! The sound of my guitar is too loud there ! Is it necessary to stop the show and to come back another day ? The minutes pass and the soundcheck continues without this big resound disappearing. Each time, Neil tests his guitar : "There itís good but not there !". Disappointed, Neil says to us : "Weíll go back another time". Hey ! Oh ! You wonít leave us ? Thatís sound is good, but this one is big. It is the largest sound which Neil Young made in the world ! Thereís laughter in the audience. Donít cry, he says. Undoubtedly, he had the technician agreement because Neil begins to strike the calm notes of Donít Cry. But this piece is full of fury between verses ! ! ! ! ! Ballades and Heavy Metal in the same piece ! ! ! Only Neil can do that so good ! ! ! This new song of 1989 has Sedan Delivery as spiritual father ! ! ! Go on ! A nod given to the drummer for a larsen finale where Neil puts a smooth voice for his darling who sheds a tear : You wonít be really lonely. Darkness. Some tunings to still test his guitar and which I readily accept as a Cocaine Eyes introduction. Urgency in diction, urgency in the musical rhythm, urgency in the matter ! ! ! I crossed friends off along the road. A white poison felt them straight into a bad sleep without any waking up is possible. Donít hide your face, Cocaine, you still lost the fight ! Every day I will be in front of you to get you out of my way. Neil says at the end : "My old friend". Does Neil admit that he touched that ? Itís the intense darkness between the pieces ! Neil covers the stage by tuning noiselessly his guitar. Darkness. Did Neil slip out ? A voice pierces the night : How yía doiní out there ? Hey Rick, we recognized you ! ! ! You won't fool me so easily ! ! ! Let give us Neiiiiiiil ! ! ! Crowd is fidgety and shouts ! Notes with a great purity leaving a crystal ball carry us in the town of Eldorado. Furtive images but nevertheless sharp come us to the mind. A beautiful work of concision, Neil comes close to us playing his fabulous chords witch are worked so much that he give me a big thrill. To my delight. At once, follow effects of slips with the palm on the strings which blend much with Ponchoís acoustic guitar. Neil takes a guitar plectrum on the mike shelf to play Heavy & Loud for a short time, few seconds. Then he throws it behind him and still comes close to us for this fascinating melody ! Yes ! Really Eldorado will be a standard and will have got to be played at all shows like Like_A_Hurricane or Cortez_The_Killer ! ! ! Neil takes us along without meeting in a disillusioned and obsessive atmosphere of spaghetti western. Only a dim lunar gleam lights this wandering traveller living in his goods wagon which slips towards nowhere like a hearse. A cloud of dust rolls lightly and flies up when it crosses it. The traveller clung on it. Neil goes where the wind wants to take him along. This wind strengthens, Poncho synth crackles ! ! Yes, a hurricane ! ! ! Neil is this tornado, breaks in front of each musician. A white lass kisses Neil ! Er, I just mean you that a white lamp irks Neil ! Neil makes a sign that he is blinded by this fire, and the white flame becomes Venusian one. Oh ! Already finished ? A bit of larsen ? Thank you Neil ! ! ! How yía doiní ? Neil sounds his guitar. Old Black is wrong today. And Neil uses only this one with Restless. Hey ! Let get chucked out the lighting guy, you have him in your sights. Neil plays the music at sight and gives us a furious Mr. Soul version. Youíre strange, but donít change ! The wild guitar tries to free himself from the lasso of the amp, but Neil is watchfull.

Rick Rosas fills the absence of Neil by introducing the band. The drummer, Chad Cromwell from Tennessee, Poncho Sampedro from Crazy Horse. Yeah ! Hello with three of you ! Bluenotes Survivors ! Hey, Neil comes back. He pulled down his sleeveless jacket with check and ends in a blue tee-shirt. His worn white trousers, torn on the right thigh and patched on buttocks and knees, reminds me of his very new beautiful white trousers in 1978. Neil thanks Rick and with guitar taken begins a new tuning or perhaps a great quietude introduction for a new song ? Ah there ! I recognize the Cinnamon_Girl introduction ! Everybody awaited this girl and the ten silver saxophones were dismissed. You take the peaceful band of Bluenotes and you kick the brass section out and you have the band the most restless that ever is ! Poncho and Neil dance which amuses them. Neil once again comes in stage edge to play us the finale one which he makes longer under the audience encouragements. Darkness. Neil has a drink of water. He is without guitar. "How y'a doiní ?", he says to us. Neil introduces Rick "The Bass Player", and goes at once with the second title taken, this evening, of his first album with Crazy Horse. On this Down By The River, the drums are more present, sharpper. Neil alternates larsens and loads of notes, nervousness and softness. Virtuoso, youíre good at leading your boat on this river ! Neil jumps literally on his pedals for a big and furious sound ! Time for a waterfall on this river and the swirls reduces. The current is calmer in the shade of some clusters of trees but that isnít for a long time. Comes, the finale, slow and majestic one. Dakness ! "How y'a doiní" ? Ha ! Hereís the light again for Hey Hey My My. Neil goes and sees his musicians to encourage them to keep the furious rhythm. He makes a sign that heís still blinded and keeps his head in the air fixing the spotlights. "And once you're gone", Neil points the finger towards us, then towards the spotlights. "You can't come back", Neil puts his hand on his heart. Strange message that Neil delivers us there ! Once you're gone, we canít come back in his heart ? ! Once again some signs for making understood that heís blinded. Comes back to his favorite side in front of stage which is on his left. Neil begins the last verse standing in his place and runs towards the other mike on his right to sing the two last ones. "Than meets the eye". Poncho indicates his eye. And then, Neil, in his stride, continues on his way towards the end of the stage. The guitar cord becomes taut as much is possible, Neil consciously insists a little bit, then becomes reasonable. Neil goes backwards towards the amplifiers and leans with his back against them, gets his breath back, makes a sign to the drummer and comes vigorously back in the finale. Darknes ! I need to take a deep breath ! Neil gets rid of his guitar and the stage empties. But, Neil comes back immediately, guitar in his hand, picks up a rose which was thrown on the front of the stage, smells it, and puts it on the drums platform. Neil comes back in tuning of his Old Black. What a evening ! ! ! Sound and light are in teasing mood. thank goodness Neil keeps his spirits up and continues the show towards Broadway ! City with lights and spangles. The smallest coin wonít polish your shoes in Broadway. Neil throws his foot into the air with a good laugh. Especially as your white tennis shoes arenít suitable for polishing. Is it not a city for Neil ? What's it to him, all this carry-on of theirs ? He has his guitar and plays as much as it is with him. And heíll do it his own way ! Nobody must impose his will upon Neil ! Rare thing to underline : Neil plays a cover version ! On Broadway dates back to 1962 and was written and composed by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Mike Stoller and Jerry Leiber. Without respite, drums is metronome, guitars are very touchy. The guitarists moves towards us to play their notes with their hypnotic psychedelic tormented soul. Our life is in our hands. Tonight is the night. The cats mew in this electric night. Poncho claps his hands. Neil stops playing and continues to sing, guitar on his side. And when he takes playing again things aren't looking so good, and he makes a sign to a technician who comes at once bustling around Old Black while Neil plays with it ! A sixteenth note scintillates above them. Itís the cute finale ! Neil doesnít keep any place for this finale ! Finale ? No ! Neil makes a sign and goes back in this night which is really torrid for this month of January ! Torrid to get broken strings. Moreover, itís what Neil does with his own and he goes away. Rick puts his guitar on the stage floor. Poncho imitates him. The sixteenth note is switched off. Darkness.

Denis Between The Rusty Words.
(November 11, 2003)
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Electric setlist : Heavy Love / Don't Cry / Cocaine Eyes / Eldorado / Box Car / Like A Hurricane / Mr. Soul / Cinnamon Girl / Down By The River / Hey Hey, My My / On Broadway / Tonight's The Night