Neil Young - Stuttgart - May 07, 2003 (review)


 My Germanic week (Part 2 : Stuttgart 03)

     The only thing I keep in my memory about this Tuesday May 6, is that I am not in existence. Neil makes a short break and all my being too. The heat is oppressive, overcomes my body, and liquefies my mind. So, wouldn’t it be too excessive to say that I devoted this day to sleep and to rest? I couldn’t say that to you. Anyway, when the evening comes, I fall asleep again in the hotel with this roof covered with my 19 stars. I open my eyes, revolving lights flicker in the night. A police officer knocks: "Polizei! Kontrolle! Passeport et papiers de la voiture, s’il vous plait." - [Passport and identity papers of the car, please]. Don’t mistake me for cousin Jed! I have neither drug nor weapon. I think they get the message but they carry my sleep away with them and they’ll let it go only the following night. It’s at that time a big purple rose planted close to my car calls out to me: "Are you passionate?" It’s the only thing it can tell me about all my questioning. Afternoon, Stuttgart appears protected from heatwave, in the hollow of a cooling valley. When the shop windows don’t spread out cars they reflect the beautiful German cars in parking. At this moment in time, Neil must surely drives around in one of those ones visiting the city whereas Larry defends the bus because two German fans, pencils and notepad in their hand, hunt and fish for autograph. It’s 03:00 PM. They’ll keep the bus until 07:45 PM, without success. I talk with Yann, a man from Strasbourg, who missed any Neil Eurotours, without exception, since 1993! He likes especially the sound coming from LPs, he has two hundred ones about Neil Young. His favourite one: Tonight’s The Night in American version. Does the sound quality of LPs vary according to countries? I go to the rusties rallying place. Is there anybody there? Peter "Hard_To_Handle" touches my shoulder: "Hello, we are at the other terrace that looks onto the other street." I meet new rusties as Frenchman Philippe. But it’s difficult for me to tell my visit in Münich to him because he wants to know nothing about it. He is wrong! Because instead of spoiling life, that beautifies it during the show. He’ll admit that later as all those who I met thereafter and who had the same opinion. What is thus this Lierderhalle Beethovensaal theater? It reminds me of a multi-purpose theater with its waxed and varnished floorboards. Rows of chairs were bolted on the ground. I’m seating uncomfortably in the last third of the theater, being ranked 27, with a small balcony above my head. And Neil comes, gives us a talk on Greendale peppered his speech with songs. "I write much, other days less". I ask my father: "What do you write?" and he answers me: "I don’t know what I write". Neil seems to me less talkative in the Greendale set, but perhaps it’s only a misleading heartfelt thing. However, I’m sure he jams not much between the songs contrary in Münich. At my side, the American girl (coming from Ohio, but living in Germany) and her boyfriend laugh more than the others when Neil introduces the songs but don’t applaud all the Greendale pieces. Phil will say to me that Neil is coming to a watershed in his career, having been the lover with "Harvest" and the husband with "Harvest Moon", with "Greendale" he’s the old Grandpa who tells a long story to his grandchild. Most of his new songs are more spoken than sung. In the second set, Neil will say he has played in Münich two days ago, (I know!), he has thought acoustics and the audience were good, Münich and Stuttgart is like two sisters. I would also add that as in Münich, the sound is increased in Be_The_Rain. As in Münich, Neil, playing guitar, is sometimes projected in shadowgraph on the right wall of the theater. Visual effects that I won’t see any more this week. After a perfect Lotta_Love, a girl, who’s sitting on my left and far ahead, with an acute voice shouts: "Carry_On!" Neil laughs: "Carry_On? What’s that song?" He sits at the piano whereas the cry of the girl continues to be also shrilling. Neil laughs, plays the first Carry_On chord, and says "It is all that I know about Carry On!" then he continues his set. This evening, Neil enjoys a lot, all along this set, with this girl who clamours for this Stephen Stills song, and also when he hears "Rust never sleeps, man!" War_Of_Man is once again dedicated to animals and to children from Iraq. Neil comes back to us for Heart_Of_Gold already. This second set is rather short but really excellent! Now Neil gets up, takes his jacket put on his chair, greets us while walking alongside the stage, shakes one hand held out, and moves towards the exit, turned round towards us, waves his jacket meaning: this time, I go out with my jacket, it’s really the end. I join the rusties (including Felix, Joachim...) For the most part, it’s the first time that I meet them and nevertheless... yes... I remember them! I take a great delight with this idea but... there is something from a dreadful fright to remember someone whose we never met previously (as the girl in Baden Baden, and I would add the girl coming from Ohio) !!! A girl wearing a hat with large yellow flower, comes up to me and says to me: "Did we already meet previously? / I don’t know. / Yes, you come from Spain! / No. You were in Spain to see Crazy Horse in 2001? / I’ve never set foot in Spain... Ah! I found!!! It was in Lörrach, yes, yes, yes, in Lörrach two years ago. It’s incredible how I remember you very well!!!" I think I remember you, yes, thank you to clear up me this dark zone although I don’t know if we had had a conversation, undoubtedly we had met previously because at the time, the "Snoopy’s ticket" was all the rage with the German rusties because I was an actor. It’s my duty to finish with an extract from Carry_On. Where are you going now my love? Where will you be tomorrow? Will you bring me happiness? Will you bring me sorrow? I don’t have reminiscences from the following day therefore I must pass the time to have the answers to these questions that you’ll find in "My Germanic week (part 3 : Amsterdam 03)".

To be continued ...

Denis Between The Rusty Words
(May 15, 2003)

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Setlist : Falling From Above / Double E / Devil's Sidewalk / Leave The Driving / Carmichael / Bandit / Grandpa's Interview / Bringin' Down Dinner / Sun Green / Be The Rain // Lotta Love / Expecting To Fly / Mother Earth / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Old Man / After The Goldrush / War Of Man // Heart Of Gold

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