Marathon Tribute 2003
- Sunny at school - (review)


Hello children !

The Neil YOUNG's songs enter today in the school
To familiarize us with English language and American community
Isn't marvellous to do it in music
With Sunny, his acoustic guitar and his harmonica ?

 A TV of 1995 introduced the guy and his musical universe
Am I well on a school bench or still in my dream ?
8. 00 AM in this Monday February 10, 2003 flickers in front of my eyes
The "blip" on F **** Up awake me in good mood

Lesson 1 : Racism : Southern Man / Alabama
In the Lyrics of his songs Neil is often at the same time
Witness and actor of the two sides of the story
Complexity of the guy, impact more forceful

Cotton grower listens to well what says the bible
Your crosses burn in front of your manor with colonnades
Lily Belle immaculate with the golden ringled 
I will shot the black down which attends you

 The Crosby, Stills, Nah's vocal melodies enrich
Alabama where we can see some old folks tied with white ropes
I hope Neil Young remenbers southern man don't need you
Sometimes on stage Neil's swears Lynyrd Skynyrd tee-shirt

Lesson 2 : Nature : Pocahontas / Mother Earth
A dance melody from Native Americans around fire or
An Irish walk re-mixed in a folk American tune
The guitar is in standard tuning

 Beware if before E string was come down in D
Specific case of Don't Be Denied witch is unrealised in CD
And respect my harmonica if notes are refractory
To withdraw its impurities to it don't steep it in water
The interior is wooden and doesn't support it more than one evening

Preserve a green and wild nature for my children
And my buffalos which otherwise really will die out
From my immense Californian ranch
Where Kevin Costner danced with the wolves

Neil is a victim massacred under his tepee
But at once distant witness with a light melody
By this contrast Neil increases the horror of this scene
Then he returns to the action sleeping with Pocahontas

 One moment of relaxation is given to these wise and attentive children
Embellished with songs already played or new ones like
His great success Heart Of Gold or Don't Let It Bring You Down
With this blues topic and this folk melody with its minor chords
Or a composition of Sunny : L'Année Du Cheval
(aka The Year Of the Horse ; French lyrics - Not about Neil)
Midday, likeable small restoration with Saint Emilion blessing
Before starting the two last sets of the day  

Lesson 3 : The war and terrorism : Let's Roll / Ohio / Long Walk Home
America where are we going towards ?
The weapons which we brandish we also threaten
Beirut Vietnam Ohio Washington New York

Neil writes quickly about news still hot
If he always doesn't weigh his words Neil weighs in his record company
Let's Roll and Ohio are on the radio before the CD is at the record dealers
However Neil has few protest-songs in his bag

Lesson 4 : Violence : Violent Side / Rockin' In The Free World / The Needle And The Damage Done
With still strangely light air Neil tells the violence
Here comes the night is sung like
Here comes the sun of George Harrison

Social and cultural misery is described
In a cold and effective way
In a free and modernized world
Misery is a violence which always hold sway here

The mother's milk becomes drug while children are growing
And these children are like a settin' sun
Whose William Turner had superbly painted
But of which he feared at the end of his life
Seeing in them the Death more and more threatening
A simple arpeggio of a pretty effect accompanies him

Lesson 5 : The consumer and industrialization society
Motor City / Piece Of Crap / Computer Cowboy
Farming offers graded and perfect products to us
The Japanese cars with gadgets invade the streets
The TV sells to us the american dream without confession
Sells to us knick-knacks against our interest

The banana skin is not far from your feet
Hunted down then surrounded the stain reaches you
Retake again the slogan with Sunny & Neil in his Chevrolet
American Dream American Dream - C'Est De La Daube
Rêve Américain Rêve Américain - Piece Of Crap

Lesson 6 : Adventurers : Cortez The Killer / Don't Be Denied
Long song which a part ever heard
An interruption of electric current removes a verse
Which Neil will never add again
The nights with full moon give breath to his rock'n'roll

Cortez is a killer and is however a loved lover
A human is behind the legend
Nevertheless Cortez of Spain makes to censure Zuma at its realise
Harmonica furnishs the three acoustic chords

 The verse Oh Canada We played all night (. . .)
Goes out the brackets sometimes on stage
This blues tells The Loner standing up straight in his boots
Of his american dream achieved swimming among the sharks
Don't Be Denied sings a high perched voice

The local journalists discover Neil YOUNG
Some teachers listen to Trans at the end of difficult days
Others play in a music band called "Pokès De Criée"
Sunny find an old friend he had lost sight of her

 Quality of the show does to the 350 pupils and me dumb of admiration
But rusties have no fear to ask us some questions
Especially as my text can appear with first access
Like still in an old oak barrel

Bravo and thank you Sunny for this service marathon
Like for your musical informations and others anecdotes on The Loner

Denis Between The Rusty Words
© IDDN 2005

My original text 

Setlists :
Sunny YOUNG Inside, 02-10&11-2003 ; Amphitéâtre, Lycée Saint-Gabriel, Pont-L'Abbé, France

--------- Lundi 10 Février 2003 : ---------
Set 1 : Southern Man / Ohio / The Needle And The Damage Done / Alabama  / Pocahontas/
Violent Side / Rockin' In The Free World / Mother Earth // Heart Of Gold

Set 2 : Southern Man / The Needle And The Damage Done / Alabama / Pocahontas / American Dream /
Mother Earth / Let's Roll // American Dream // Pocahontas // L'Année Du Cheval

Set 3 : Southern Man / Ohio / The Needle And The Damage Done / Cortez The Killer / Motor City /
Piece Of Crap / Let's Roll // Don't Let It Bring You Down // L'Année Du Cheval

Set 4 : Southern Man / The Needle And The Damage Done / Don't Be Denied / Long Walk Home / American Dream / Let's Roll

--------- Mardi 11 Février 2003 : -------
Set 5 : Southern Man / Alabama / Don't Be Denied / Pocahontas / American Dream / Mother Earth // Southern Man / Alabama

Set Privé (only for me ! ! ! ) : Computer Cowboy

Set 6 : Southern Man / The Needle And The Damage Done / Alabama / Don't Be Denied / Pocahontas / American Dream / Mother Earth