Neil Young - Tribute - Warok Café - 08-10-2003 (review)


The ordinary audience fills a Guingamp square
Coffee shop straight ahead ! A large board in the window announces the small event
It vibrates perceptibly with the soundcheck of the ordinary musicians
Here at Warok Coffee, Ordinary People play Neil Young
Waiting for 10:00 PM, Skolvan* sweats from ashlars
Impassive, one pale Dan Ar braz** is posted as a friend close to counter
Where stand Franz and Thierry who gives us the stage !
Installations and connections continue on Sugar Mountain
Any a fresh air doesn’t leave the suspended blue guitar to a beam
Sunny takes us off towards the wonderfull Neil’s world
But if the trees don’t lie down again this summer 
The Earth, arches her back
The heart colored leaves already roll on the ground
Can you still run in their dance ? Since as you know .  .  .
Yes, all of you have recognized the excellent performance of Sunny
On Comes A Time, Heart Of Gold, Ohio
After the catch for the strollers, JPL takes over
He borrows a very melancholic repertoire
We don’t know you like that JPL !
Happiness is not better elsewhere even far from at home
The old ways, sometimes heavy to carry, must be maintened
The play of the ambulances is to get stuck on them at brisk pace
Beautiful performance for his first show !
Difficult to be accustomed to the mike, it’s always in front of your nose !
And don’t forget that Neil use notes for help on stage
Sylver& flashes the audience a glance . With the sound of her fender
Stratocaster, she unrolls in her head her soft movie
She declares her love with talent to anyone who wants to listen it
She will be able to soften the most rebellious mind to the feelings
Little MoMo : it’s this one what I want Dad, it’s that one !
He doesn’t speak about the girl (ô despair) but about the guitar
Sylver& doesn’t want to part with it because it’s matched with her shirt
And to throw it in crowd, like Kurt Cobain, doesn’t attempt her
The suicide is not on her way
An Englishman  with the wide open eyes approaches Phil
- How do you do ? I’m glad to meet you. I love CSNY.
- Hem ! Yes, thank you. But perhaps I’m Crosby, perhaps not.
Hey Crosby ! Difficult to be incognito, even in France !
Besides it’s you who must play with the almost twelve strings
Because one just broke when Sunny tuned it
Aiveri morningue got seunn tou shaïne - Aiveri dai
Believe me, Crosby, you will remain in our head
Although you prefer to remain in the one of your wife
That one who is Pocahontas in your ordinary trapper life
‘‘ What a scrape ! All of you noticed it like me ?
Crosby has improved very much ! ’’ Declares Sunny with admiration
Sylver& still lives in the fabulous Crazy Horse of 2001
Neil has very much improved his guitar play since 1993
Sunny has the difficulty of choosing among the Neil’s hits
A single needle slips you into an abyss of darkness
Whereas only one glance gives a beautiful day
I heard the whip and of the complaints leaving from the guitar
And the years go by, are we so different from our ancestors ?
Midnight, Sunny gives to a small young girl before her bye-byes
Rockin’ In The Free World, then to me Powderfinger
With the help of a guitar plectrum crumbled in crumbs
He’s delighted to play a last song with Walk On With Whisky
Sunny tries in vain to get from the coffee shop owners
The amplifier which is still in the jumble of the attic
No electricity for the come back of our four accomplices
Close to the hearth, acoustic music goes hand in hand
Crosby plays marvelously on Helpless
His blues harp is without whisky but what about him ?
The flashs sputter and the chords are minimal
For Cortez The Killer and Like A Hurricane
And My My  Hey Hey ? OK for the rock'n'roll emblem par excellence
But it is the last one Sunny declaims
Young people come in and discover the music
Being keen on, they ask : ‘‘one more’’
Yotha, greedy, requests : ‘‘all others’’
Surprisingly the young audience sings with us Heart Of Gold
Crosby announces that he considered playing Four Strongs Winds
And that he would like to play it now
The three others play along hoping for some freshness
Does nobody claim Winterlong ?  Some chords are done
But the audience has other preferences like Don’t Be Denied
Complication ! The muscles are hot and the head is tired
The voice is well overheated to climb high on this song
But its tempo requires a high concentration
Cheers ! Our quartet turn out well the performance
Of this biography which is on the Time Fades Away vinyl
Greetings to all of you and see you at the next meeting
And if all this seemed to you too long
And if you are musician you will easily find a melody
For that small summary of the evening there

W hisky !  The harmonica  sings  better  with  the whisk Y
A stounded   Sunny   discovers  this recipe  in this  bistr O
R adiant  and  nervous   JPL is on stage  it’s not  deja v U
O bscure softness  whispers Sylver& without aggressio N
Kévin  dreams  about  Fender  and his sigh  is  very lon G

C rosby   with  only  eleven strings  sings  Amber Jea N
A nyway  he gives sunlight to his guitar play doesn’t h E
F ormidable   Sunny  dazzles  us  with   his  infinite  hif I
E xcited the quartet plays with symbiosis then farewel L

Denis Between The Rusty Words (August 20, 2003)
(*) Traditional Britain band.
(**) Only french guitarist knowing to use an electric guitar. 
Thanks to Philippe Tenaud for the translation help.

© IDDN 2005

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Setlist :
08-10-2003 ; Warok Café, Guingamp, FRANCE
Sunny (Neil Young) : Comes A Time / Heart Of Gold / Ohio
JPL (Graham Nash) : Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere / Old Ways / Ambulance Blues (aborted) / Ambulance Blues
Sylver& (Steven Stills) : Motion Pictures / Expecting To Fly / Mellow My  Mind / Tell Me Why
 Phil Crosby (David Crosby) : Amber Jean / Out On The Weekend / Pocahontas
Sunny (Neil Young) : The Needle And The Damage Done / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Southern Man / Old Man / Rockin' In The Free World // Powderfinger / Walk On
Phil Crosby, JPL, Sylver& Sunny : Helpless / Cortez The Killer / Like A Hurricane / Rockin' In The Free World // My My Hey Hey // Heart of Gold // Four Strong Winds // Don’t Be Denied