Neil Young - A day with his albums

When I wake up, my eye leans towards my alarm clock. This one does not strike but it gives me the hour. It is eight hours of the morning. My hand opens and WELD rises. According to my mood, the track changes but differs a little bit. That is "Hey Hey My My", "Blowin' In The Wind", "F*!#in' Up", "Like A Hurricane", or "Rockin' In The Free World". The feastdays, my ears are entitled to these five pieces with exquisite savour. Nothing else to be in a good mood!

With the small juice at 10:30 AM, the electric ballades that squeak well and that are however full of sensitivity from SLEEP WITH ANGELS go with me until midday.

To go to the morning to the afternoon is like to go to from "Scattered" to "Danger Bird" from YEAR OF THE HORSE ! From a chord in the morning, Neil stretches us a long wire of distortion, then he recalls us that it is still the same day by giving again us the last chord. This one is used as a basis for a beautiful escape of very aerial transition which deposits us with softness in the afternoon. Delight.

After the nap, tunes to be danced are essential. I push away the piece of furniture and make way for the violin, banjo and piano with OLD WAYS.

Then a "Rockin' In The Free World" acoustic comes gently to bring me on heavier and nervous electric shores from FREEDOM.

A little bit of exoticism with LIFE for teatime changes at once the decoration of the room. The virgin forest developed and some macaques pass from wall to wall. An Inca silhouette passed in the tapestry. Didn't you see him just like me?

The evening and its procession of shades and tipsy ectoplasms land. I need an alive and rousing tune. I find it in MIRROR BALL. The pogo worries the ghosts that return to the bar knocking a last drinking cooler back.

The September colour of the first will-o'-the-wisp that runs on the moor overcomes my soul. Then, HARVEST MOON is my reflection.

01:10 AM: Surfing on the web, before the bedtime, the pure electrically notes from DEAD MAN relax me.

03:03 AM: I listen to ARC to get ready for pretty dreams. This great tuning of feedbacks carries me in the paradoxical sleep. Also, I fall asleep while waiting impatiently WELD!!!!!!

Denis Between The Rusty Words (11-09-2001)

One typical day in my life from 365 days. Am I the only rusty to live like that??????
The extra day from the leap years is used to listen to the remainder of his discography.

My original text 

I am conscious of  musical weakness in Greendale
(that is audible on many tracks especially in acoustic show),
but there’s such a feeling that I am captivated by it!!!
Greendale is for me like oxygen.
And as I take Greendale with overdose,
I am euphoric all around the clock.
I am hilarious all around the clock.
I think that you have suspected
reading my writings for a few days!!
It's necessary that I undergo a treatment for that!!!!

Denis Between The Rusty Words
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 1:17 AM

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