Neil Young




"Neil Young Nation:
A Quest, an Obsession (and a True Story)"
by Kevin Chong
287 pages ; September 2005 (English)

"Neil Young and the poetics of energy"
by William Echard
260 pages ; July 2005 (English

by Neil Young and James Mazzeo
304 pages ; November 2004 (English)

(Note: Because there's nothing like a true painting of Mazzeo in one's own living room )

by Charles Berberian
173 pages ; October 2004 (French ; Ed. Naïve)
20 pages about Neil Young and Danny Whitten, "Down By The River" and the western movie: "Wild bunch"

"Shakey : Neil Young's Biography"
by Jimmy McDonough
816 pages ; May 2003 (English)

(Note: not read yet, but it's the reference book !)

"Neil Young"
by Olivier Nuc
93 pages ; February 2002 (French ; Ed. Librio Music)
Note: Excellent biography)

"L'Enfer Des Concerts"
by  Zep
47 pages ; August 1999 (French ; Ed. Dupuis)

(Note: one page about Neil in this book.)

"Neil and Me"
by Scott Young
288 pages ; April 1997 (English)
Note: not read yet)

"Neil Young, En remontant la rivière"
byJean-Do Bernard
143 pages ; April 1997 (French ; Ed. Editions Alternatives & Parallèles)

(Note: not read yet)

"The complete guide to the music of Neil Young"
by Johnny Rogan
164 pages ; June 1996 (English)
Note: essential book!)

"The dark stuff"
by Nick Kent
448 pages ; January 1996 (English).
(Note: 40 pages about Neil Young)

"Rock Cartoon"
collective book
1990 (French ; Ed. Art Moderne)
Two comics pages by a great french drawer
Note: quick drawing!)