Around The Guitar (February 11-12, 2005)

The musical orgy for this night call,
During four hours in two times of this year five,
Dissipated our taciturn features,
To the point of blown thirst, and further than around the counter,

Their clear notes perforate our hard skulls
So that our minds stretch away on their planets,
Wander in their currents which stroll
From Chet Atkins to secret Ireland.

Jean-Felix Lalanne, Soig Siberil, Jack Ada,
And Dan Ar Braz, all spread out their talent,
Then, mixed them into spray of reseda
In front of a stunned and stimulating audience.

The unique Jim Kline cherished His soft sailboat
With nineteen hawsers - eight ones in harp - which sound
Towards the oceanus firma. Between the foaming fingers
Of Philippe Revert, JJ Cale travels.

Return to the tournament. Our four twisters with
Their face painted by radiant beams,
Their nimble fingers dancing gig on the neck,
Their sweet winks burst open in silly laughter;

They hang, yes, Gaite Parisienne,
Sonorities for future silences,
Irish Reel until blue antiphons,
From Mister Guitar: a patchwork of excellence!

If Saturday is less chilly than the day before,
The two prowesses are really fabulous.
If the hand dozes, Dan tricks and fills us with wonder,
Without the breizh cancan, but in cuddling notes.


Dan, Soig, as Jack, paralyse the torpor.
Their teeth laugh in a pig in pieces,
Bathe in Chinon towards shores with spirit-rapper.
Jim lives Cape Verde, some others the Andalusian Dog.

Denis Between The Rusty Words
(February 14, 2005)

© IDDN 2005

My original poem is into verse


Some notes and photos from these nights