Around The Guitar (April 21-22, 2006)

Kindled and embraced, the next waves
Juggling with seafood lined by the dolphins;
Three hundred crunchy people get ready for the divine feast.
The influx is equal to the plate to be filled.

Jean-Felix Lalanne appropriates hazy sea sprays
Aspires them as suction pump opening towards an inspired open sea.
His aquatic heart turn at shimmering Bohemia
By the currents with hope - chorus of scents.

Muriel Anderson, mermaid giving
To her kiss curl with teasing sixteenth notes
- Sometimes by a single hand! the Harlequin grace
Is really greedy by exuberant soul.

Helene Brunet braves all the European and running
Currents with her Spanish laùdl Its twelve
Lines sew together the coasts such a floodtide hugging
Cliffs without uneasiness. Reefs with motifs!

Michael Jones, celebrated by the poor couch potatoes,
Fidgets and displays to us his phosphorescence
Out of the brackish estuaries. Her youth
Helps "Hey Joe" green by a pretty caulking.

The gusts of wind in these two nights entangle
So well this musical school that we swallow the glare
emanating from these four senses crossing there.
"Do you remember that?" is slipped without any worry.

The delights being hung on to life, the dilettante guitars
Are dissected by the kindly schoolmasters.
Much too much? My opinion becomes legion and brilliant.
Hands and nails are well-groomed. Bright risings.

Epilogue: Surely the next time

Alone like an empty sky, Muriel disintegrates herself.
Omniscience is helpless in her farewells.
Our clan is, as taste of crêpes, delightful.
Her kiss stiffens hesitant to my orbit.

The end

Denis Between The Rusty Words
(March 27, 2007)

© IDDN 2007

My original poem is into verse



Around the guitar - Trégunc (France)
Friday 21 and Saturday April 22, 2006
(and the master-class in Sunday April 23)
PS1: Muriel Anderson in 2004 (at 3 min and at 14:20)
I hope my stanza is like this one
Others ones of Muriel in live 12.

PS2 : The websites of these guitarists being in Trégunc in 2006 :