Neil Young - Introduction to the Tribute at Boquého (2003)


A tribute to Neil ?

Give way to me, ordinary people !

I am THE only one among you with being able to say that I play of the electric guitar to the Neil's manner !
I specialized, very self-educated that I am, in the final final one (2 times) of final of Like A Hurricane.
"One of his best songs which evokes with lyricism the irresistible force of an incipient love. Precisely Neil has just fallen in love with one from his chorus-singers, Nicolette Larson." (Sentences translated in english here by me because I've got only the book with a french traduction, From "The dark stuff ; 1994 of Nick Kent).
I know what you will ask me. Also I take the initiative: No ! It is not necessary to have met Nicolette Larson for playing well the final final one (2 times) of final of LAH. But to have crossed it on her road would have made me burn steps in the comprehension of the register of final final (2 times) of final of LAH. So with my single neuron which since was put at the 35 hours of work, but I don't care because it's always to the absent answerings, also I don't see a difference, and well with this neuron, I harnessed myself to vibrate the notes with you deskeleton ! Which interest ? None ! Because all the job is then for me ! ! ! ! And it is not easy, you are not obliged to believe me, but not easy of the whole to give the bones to their place. Especially for me which don't have a natural hability to do the jigsaws. Even with model and numbered parts !
Well, I must say to you that I'm in a hurry of this tribal meeting.
And as I can't afford it so I would only ask you :
"Bring your electric guitars, guys ! (howled)
You will vibrate about it of joys and extases ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (euphoriant)"
I am taking some Country Martin 18, customized Lespaul and another rural Gretsch. I don't turn one's nose up.
And unfortunately for you, by my exceptional play, I will disgust you forever of the guitar with larsen as I disgusted all the pals of my circle. They ceased playing of the electric guitar after I was useful myself of their guitar. And don't believe that I made them deaf ! ! ! Ahahahahah ! ! ! ! This kind of handicap is not a valid excuse : Neil suffers well, by period, of acouphene. Last in date : "Let's Roll". Before leaving you, I feel you very amaze of amazement, two small things :
Thing 1 : If there are several catches, envisage a good package of strings of replacements. And then it is necessary to also count some for my training. I have beautiful being the champion, a minimum training is vital for me. I have a reputation to hold. Hundred thirty two strings should be enough and do not forget the bandages PLEASE. It's able even to the best to weaken and to tear the fingers !
Thing 2 : Don't ask me to play another electric part or even another part that the final final one (2 times) of final of Like A Hurricane.
Even THE virtuoso has his limits.

Denis Between The Rusty Words
"Listen gold thy tongue will keep the deaf" 

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