Neil Young - Munich - 06-27-2001 (review)


- Schnellstmöglich Taxi! Ich möchte gehen zum Olympiahalle. Ich habe eine dringende und bedeutende Verabredung! (As quickly as possible, taxi! I want to go to Olympiahalle. I have an urgent and significant appointment!)
- Ich bin das beste, aber, wie der Frühling gekommen ist, die Autos blühen der Abend. (I am the best but, as springtime came, the cars flower in the evening.)
Ah! At last! Here I am, I’m arrived! Excuse me! Excuse me! Yes I know, I am not very early! Here is my ticket; I’m in stage left in tier. I’ve just long enough to sit myself down to my place and Neil sings already "Don't Cry No Tears".
I parted from Crazy Horse three nights ago. Ah! Bercy...
I digress! I'm concentrating on the show. As I came in the nick of time, I didn't find time to swallow anything. My throat's burning and my tongue is coated. I hope I won’t be sorry for that! But I would sacrifice my life for this mythical band! Am I able to go to meet Crazy Horse once again? In Lörrach for example? My imagination's running away with me! This eurotour is sold out and any ticket never appears from nowhere! This kind of story is only in fairy tales.
The three guitarists gathered together in the stage centre. "I've Been Waiting For You" is a good tune to warm our fingers, our bodies and the theater. In a pool of light, "Love And Only Love" starts. Neil is bursting with his colourful musical trip. Pedal-board, distortion, dance. Yeah!!! The euphoria reaches the faces! Neil has fun and carrys the Horse along with him in a crazy "Piece Of Crap" introduction. With this song Neil wants to warm the Horse and to surprise it! A beautiful evening in sight!
In his turn, Billy wants to surprise Neil. He takes the last word: "Piece Of Crap" and the last note! Neil is hilarious! Larry arrives at the piano and the drums begin "Going Home". After guitars gave some hiccups, Neil sits down, the guitar in his back facing me. Here his new ballade with a strange title "New buildings going up, old buildings coming down", unless it’s another title. Neil gives a light nod to the audience to thank it. Now, acoustic notes sprout in the night. The Neil’s hat becomes sun, and his old guitar becomes reddish moon.
At the Hank and Hendrix streets intersection, a castle burns down. But tepees are filled with dead and children cry and I hope that it’s untrue. Some words about health, about friends and Germany. Then, Neil heard me say that in Paris: "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" the lack of piano is sorely felt. It’s Larry, playing the piano, who brings happiness to me! Comes "Gateway of Love", electric sweetness without harshness. There's no need for you to lean over in order to receive the light of love. You could just as well keep a correct sitting position. I try to make realize that to the rusty seated in front of me who hides from me the stage. A fast distortion playing gives prelude to a devastating "Hey Hey, My My"! Well one spotlight performs some acrobatics! Oh dear! I had it coming to me!! A dizzy spell as soon as the first second in "Rockin' In The Free World" comes! How long? I don't know. Two verses and chorus have vanished. At the last "World", Neil gives the signal and the one-eyed dove settles among a fearsome din heralding a cataclysmic storm. But what's going on? Neil stops everything! Does he need to spend a penny? The guitars are at rest. Crazy Horse greets us and goes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a disappointment!! That gives a strange effect like a soufflé being out of breath. This idea racks my empty belly. The Horse comes back to us with a perfect "Roll Another Number". Three notes... and "Tonight's The Night" sets some long and sensitive evening reflections. Some languorous and mumbled whispers are given by Neil. Splendid! Applause & resumption in chorus. Neil answers us presenting a frenzied and vigorous moment that pushes us towards the finale. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Come back!!! I got from my neighbour a nauseating titbit. Now, I will resist unfailingly a good hour. It’s just enough in order that you play a shortened "Like A Hurricane".
Afterwards, the Flood can submerge us, I’ll be no longer with you, but I’ll be left into Ecstasies. The club of the five guys gives back to us a dear "Going Home" as lively as the first version but... shortened. The Loner has only half heard me, and it isn’t obviously this half that I would have liked he keeps. That gives him a certain charm: his independence! Hats off.

Denis Between The Rusty Words
© IDDN 2005

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Setlist : Don't Cry No Tears / I've Been Waiting For You / Love And Only Love / Piece Of Crap / Goin' Home / Hold You In My Arms / From Hank To Hendrix / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Pocahontas / After The Goldrush / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Gateway Of Love / Standing In The Light Of Love / Hey Hey, My My / Rockin' In The Free World // Roll Another Number / Tonight's The Night // Goin' Home