Neil Young - New York 1991 (review)

Jimi, where is Jimi? His eye welds the shade
Of the aerial mike. Peace is well anchored
In this ulcerous night whose its sweetened darkness,
Licking us, counts us.

Let there be light! And the rock'n'roll bursts out forthrightly!
The cheered colours are here to stay.
Neil Young paints to us his playing to manhandle
Some restive persons; increased touch.

Itís as a preacher that he sets up in a rage
Denouncing the crime seizing up the wheel of the days
Being still painted. Hey! Neil holds the back-lighting
For sirens, for centuries.

The applause is before the word
Of the troubadour Dylan. And which millennium
Will push back this wind in a dictionary,
For a friend, our word?

If the revealed love is a calorie,
Its regeneration is an exploration
About an endless sequence with a great inspiration
That Neil sets out, makes a stock-list.

Archives: The moon flees by the alley
With long sudden jolt. Its pulls it off.
MOTH: I am moth, the artist is that too.
So mutual attraction...

Any so cheerful worship doesnít tail away.
The parts cling to the idea loudly
Orangey. Bewitched, Neil insolently lavishes,
On the strings, the seven blows.

Quiet pulse is found and the horizon stretches again
Its magnificent water line.
"Cortez" denatures - sweat - without treason
This alchemy, this sweet sextant.

Without opinion, I see myself in gilded swirls
Running lengthily onto the variation.
A saraband, fine and crazy at work,
Serves "break it down", leaves harrowed...

... Fixing THE prayer! Neil leaps in our eyes.
Heel, tiptoe, left; cross-step; one, two, ground, right;
Criss-cross-step forward; and skilful jump with feet close together...
...To conceive... according to our skies.

Our safety drowns quickly between two notes.
The scratched last remains hung - (Neil goes out) -
In the open arms of Larry but without competence.
Packing? No! Scatterbrains!

The unpacking noises. "Crazy Horse!". Mother!
Your lovers complain: Saint Rock is multiplied by ten
Unwinding briskly the flourish populated
With beautiful verses, with chimeras.

Neil brandishes his crook while smiling and dies
In the shade. One, two, three, itís Resurrection!
Neil boils our nerves and then vibrates the inspection
About soot, by big clashes.

The spacious evening caramelizes.
Neil, hammering the night, vows to deafen it.
The more his tuned hand sees a capella leaping,
The more his horn bullies.

The finale is cut down! So the beloved child
Approaches by this call done with our outstretched hands.
For us, gratuitous act: the strings are cut down!
That's saying a lot. (Grazed heart).

Denis Between The Rusty Words.
(08-06-2005) ©
© IDDN 2005

My original poem is into verse 

Setlist from this show: w/ Crazy Horse; 02-04-1991, Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

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Neil Young: vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Frank Sampedro: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot: bass, vocals
Ralph Molina: drums, vocals
Larry Cragg: farmer, technician