Neil Young - Paris
- 06-24-2001 (short review)


Why didn't they put it on a T-shirt or a poster ? ! The Horse was getting loose. And he finally found it. Rejoice ! The audience was silent : I was, in the first row. He sings with the audience. We're spoiled. No rain ! No rain ! Happiness can be seen on their sweat-dripping faces. It is fantastic ! Poncho tells him with a grimace of surprise. Both of them are laughing out loud. Twice kicking Neil's arse. What energy ! Once more, I reply to Neil. I'm out. A blue tear drops. I want to cry to him : "No tears around me", but it's too late ! Where's that big fan of yours ? On stage, they wriggle like devils. He's disregarding anything. One by one they're giving way under the pressure. Laboratory. Thumping it. You'd better have another guitar to break out. Go get it, please ! Shall I stamp on it or shall I try and draw sounds from it ? Phenomenal. we were so good ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! And Neil shouldn't forget it. A guy played harmonica Did anybody in the seats hear him ? Good artists never... How can you listen ? Peggy - François. Donna - Birmingham. Julia - Frisco. The last tube train. I hardly slept that night !

Denis Between The Rusty Words
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Setlist :  Don't Cry No Tears / I've Been Waiting For You / Love And Only Love / Piece Of Crap / Going Home / Hold You In My Arms / From Hank To Hendrix / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Pocahontas / After The Goldrush / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Standing In The Light Of Love / Gateway Of Love / Hey Hey, My My / Sedan Delivery / Like A Hurricane // Fuckin' Up