The potion

[epigram :
"The foot in shuz’
 Marries the ground
Like a couple well
Dowdy hey"
Shakine Mychuz]

Leaving the empty and placid night
Two silky filaments waltz vibrating
In this perceptible and too translucent juice
For a planet of reason however ...

... The saucer bursting its comfortable skies
Doesn’t hunt down life for a soft suicide
And in a charming and inimitable noise
Falls flat on a meadow with acid dregs

Someone emerges disturbed from the tank without aerofoil
On its bowl in crystal ball floats
The edge and then the well-of hair
Of mixed roots which never coddle

Suddenly the machine leaves balance
Its safety is supported by high microprogram
To pay the debt is essential, the captive foot vibrates
With the fancy of fibres taking the epigram off

The human form gets going
Towards the distant objective of three good ladlefuls
Mosquitos and tigers court this human form in bluntly way
Under the moons and suns in full cavalcade

And our Cinderella plunges in a carpet
Of dangers sometimes in a nebulous cold
Where the rustle of an orphan at udder sounds.
Would the doodle in hand be villainous ?

A hairy bunch gives the quashing
The wood shack and its beggar wire
Making its way through the smoked eye charm the illustration
Of the fabulous toad smoking its cigarette butt

Our creature penetrates in the den
Drawing the tender sides aside almost fleshy
Covering the crotch and in this stomach
Lies in the heart of ashes a crooked soul

This one keeps mum to the unexpected host
With the kind well perceived because there
Her doffed cap merrily expels the circumscribed foam
In a fair bath capping her stimulating tits

Before retraction, the witch prescribes
With a gesture the silence and the glass of welcome
With émasculating aspect also the prey subscribes
To the fuzzy solution in order to vomit any pitfall

The aperitif is gray, to see the magician
Inspecting her chalice and then spilling it
Over the shoulder all would elect it bitch
Then they would try to seize these meanders

Without phew, the crafty one visits the mouth
Of the patient and perforates the veil
For which the fair-haired person wore out her Turkish slippers
Her hand indicates five and the wound of the stars

Around them, stir fine particles
These ovarian gases sweat All senses in excess
Our adventurous flees towards her vehicle
Her ignited palate tattoos her success

Destiny can bind sensitive string
Peace when the native diverts the skies
Sows at the casement an inexpressible laugh
When comes the calf disbanding at best

The roars are present for the appointments taken
a. Happy love happiness in love
b. Their inevitable match in five days of contempt
c. Love in love happy happiness

Perpetually vivacious spiders
Will be born under enraptured girl’s tongue
The effective potion will be thus active
When the sower will gather her litter

The end

(March 14, 2005) ©
© IDDN 2005

My original poem is into verse