My musical experience with Neil Young

 I discovered the Neil YOUNG's world by ARC.  

By his side of the most skinned which is, so painful that to cover with skin this bare flesh would be to do an act of torture. The artist attracted the electricity fairy to a crowned ball. He rigs her out with some unusual outfits, uneven, sheer. And he's subjugating her for 40 minutes in a tormented dance. Such an artist can only draw me with sympathy and curiosity.  

It was in 1993.

Then I reviewed all his discography, noted the extent of his domain, of his talent. The refusal of the styles, of the vain sound, the melodies which are not easy, always not oiled notes, all that make a vibration which is necessary and pleasant for me like our small oxygenated and iodized air.

Neil endorses with brilliance the acoustic and the electric sets. Neil is lost and found in the nebulous meanders of the creation, and we are witness and we go with him, this soul witch is in despearing, this soul in construction.

Before that, I had listened to "Woodstock", "Harvest" or "Comes A Time". It was at their release and I was still quite young but that did not prevent me to appreciate him already.  

I never saw a show with him and I await Bercy with impatience. A second date would not have displeased to me. Six dates in Germany, five in GB, France with a single date makes small European country for this tour 2001. Nearer to my 50 than of my 20 years, I live in Brittany and listening this country-music also.

I would like to find among ordinary people what to share the sympathy which I carry for Neil Young.


Denis Between The Rusty Words (05-13-2001)
I'm livin' in between

Rock and roll can never die.
"Listen or thy tongue will keep the deaf"

My original text 

« The one thing about the net : to avoid to put some too private contents. »

I will avoid of saying my age (62 years), that I am held and dye my hair, that I am rusty in the life.
I will avoid saying that my two children and their first name are Rose and Soul. Some rusties tell me : "Ha yes !  For "Love Is A Rose" and "Soul Of A Woman" !"
Lost !
It is for Crazy Rose and Mister Soul ! ! ! ! ! ! !
And when I hear playing in the garden Crazy Rose with Mister Soul, I have the wet eyes.
Ah ! I don't need many thing to affect my small heart.

Denis Between tears & children

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