Neil Young - Rio 2001 (review)


The night is a blue bubble and glowing flashes streak it
Crazy Horse cannot unearth a meadow of a great quietude there
This evening from January 2001 in Rio, He is undoubtedly nervous, sensitive
And completely electric
Starting a childbirth in Porto Alegre
Alexandre's little rusty is shouting her rage of living

The Leader is concerned
Would that be his sonitus taking him again?
The music doesn't pierce this atmosphere of lead
They have to play louder, to get a move on

A moon halation is chasing the Horse
In its lyric ride
He knows he is splendid
You pay for the nice one
He gives you the savage

The Horde devastates everything in its wake
How many horses was it made up of?
Thousand? Oh! Five thousand at least!
... Four galloping savage untamed ones
Neither more, nor less
But nourished on barren lands
Where grow as only vegetation
Thistles and gorses
Whose spines slam under the heat
In plaintive Minor A

The Leader is observed
This evening tonight, He is unforeseeable
His slightest movements are analyzed
By his three fellowmen
A little frightened and delighted at the same time
Poncho to show him his friendship
And to feel reassured shows exposes Zuma
Billy grimaces and drums his guitar
Ralphy is on the lockout:
What is Neil doing? He's out the Canyon
And now he is again inside
Fuckin' Up
Can you say that he is a "Neanderthal in a trance"?
(Dixit Télérama! - French TV magazine)

In the sublime Cortez
The History is given
The breeze rises and the moonlight
Freezes the rocky scenery and its poor vegetation
A rio digs its bed in silence or almost
Hoofs splash it, crease its sheets

A little grass of love pushes the Horse
Beyond his known lands
Escaped from a corral
Two fillies join the troop
Until the end of the ride
You have to be quite vivid to follow these four stallions
In a crashing race
Neil reinvents the arc-weld
Each string touching each other
Causes remarkable sparks

The Horse tramples the russet-red rocks
Which then illuminate
From a white Gold-in-fusion
Bubbling magma projecting some strange shadows on the walls

Let's contemplate one moment this strange phenomenon
And start again trotting gently along this adventure
No rein can maintain restrain them
The Horse slips carefully for fun
While going down by the river
We are on his sides
For still a moment

Before the final reverence
The Horse goes away
Neil returns
To express himself again with its troop
And gives us his last message
Billy checks Poncho's ability
To get rid of a lasso
He's turning around him

The stars get more and more sparkling
During the finale rumble
Which gets more and more intense
The strings are broken
It is the pleasant good-bye forecasting
A forthcoming cavalcade

Denis Between electric arcs in the deep blue-black sky

PS : "Farm Aid 9" :
An almost-Deadman invites us to listen to Neil YOUNG
96-style bermuda shorts
Three pieces in disorder
Does Crosby invite himself or is he late?
Help the American farmers
Steinbeck is no more
Thanks to Valérie Charlez for the translation help.
© IDDN 2005

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Setlist "Rock In Rio 3 - 20-01-2001" : Sedan Delivery / Hey Hey, My My / Love And Only Love / Cinnamon Girl / Fuckin' Up / Cortez The Killer / Like A Hurricane * / Rockin' In The Free World *  // Powderfinger * / Down By The River *  //  Welfare Mothers *
(*) w/ Pegi and Astrid YOUNG on backup vocals.
PS : Neil YOUNG w/ Crazy Horse ; 10-12-1996, Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, South Carolina ; Farm Aid 9 :  (Intro by Willie Nelson) / Hey Hey, My My / Helpless (acoustic, w/ David Crosby) / Pocahontas