Neil Young - San Diego 1993 (review)

     "The presence of an old acquaintance is struck with four fine hands... plus eight other hands... that don’t have the same stamp. One dark head hides six persons by itself while one clear head makes forget five persons. Astrid Young is filled with wonder. Her two hammers are vibrant with joy. Mine too.

- The joy is always at the top of a ladder but here it isn’t solitary.

- Then the elevator leads the radiant strollers to the interminable height of a building slipping towards the blackened south.

- Fire: Four fires broke out into Pedals ablazing the evening during two hours.

- One piano, with heels, lingers some repeater blue and fushia lightning at the dawn of our days.

- Grating advertising: Drop your hair with Smartintro by Hurricane you will be good-looking like the fall. (The intoxication is close.)

- The haunted penetration makes a standing jump and keep at ultrahigh contamination into the insulation. It’s to stamp vigorously the feet on this sky streaked for large gatherings, for great migrations.

- The duck crosses swords with the wrists of strength. It gains some feathers on our scales since the last consultation.

- A high ending wouldn’t must encyst in six times sixty-two centimetres that are well controlled.

- The price of the Neil Young share has soared with the agreement of the Ragged Glory company for an investment about love to burn. The small shareholder is going bald at the time of the general meeting. In the stock-exchange market, the black sun whirls and is trampled by a prism. If as a general rule, quotation falls in value by subsidence, here it only remains an imaginary depreciation. Profit-takings are too early. Faith in love still has good times ahead.

- A lovely baby elephant likes to move in the porcelain arteries. It goes piano towards the filtered cemetery. No impurity to declare.

- The blower has been just connected. Until now, it took sparkling dust from the black felt hat.

- And three air stools pet the lunar speck from the chaff until the general approval.

- Three exclamations are allowed in the free world... And also in thirteen other worlds. The dictatorship of the needle world grants only one clamour, which by uniform composition, spreads some modulations this evening. The harmony is at hand.

- Nevertheless, the short hand is usual and inspires an eruption of down.

- The taking flight isn’t done without a groan rattling like motorbike that moves away until disappearing in the crossed beauty.

- A boat is in a capsizing and chaotic oscillation that two drums gleam on your shoes. The feathered trinkets floating on the wild hull vanished forever. This wide fanned out range doesn’t obstruct the great course firmly fixed. The old sailor says to you as wise man that thus he likes floods. The sign of best isn’t lost before the darkness of the inch.

- This indication is found after the come back of the greeted spotlights again. Names ring without fraternal term. The port is softened by the unusual reinforcements of two wenches close to the bollard that isn’t at all black but displays a spiced blue.

- These young girls merrily climb also the well-built watchtower. The mooring ropes, which are correctly fixed, are getting free from the sudden pressure. The howling wind is quoted. The cat wouldn’t be innocent either. The duck lark about with it stamping the ground with its bill five times. The squall is finished, the entertainment too. Then everybody takes cover.

- One scout comes to help an old lady to cross. He plants this dear treasure into a dark box with rich compost. The flowers will come back in the desert garden in less than two days."


Denis Between The Rusty Words
© IDDN 2005

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Setlist from this show: w/ Booker T and The MG's; 09-12-1993, Sports Arena, San Diego, California

Mr Soul / The Loner / Southern Man / Helpless / Like A Hurricane / Rockin' In The Free World / Love To Burn / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Harvest Moon / The Needle And The Damage Done / Powderfinger / Live To Ride / Down By The River / Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay / All Along The Watchtower
Band :

Neil Young: vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano
Booker T. Jones: organ, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Cropper: guitar
Donald Duck Dunn: bass
Jim Keltner: drums
Astrid Young: backup vocals
Annie Stocking: backup vocals