Neil Young - Tokyo 2003 (review)

Three windows open just at the right place our lanterns.
My Cadillac trails around on the heights.
My sweeper flutters in the sun as a promoter.
The straightforward wise person, well convincing, bows low.

My kimono, drooping right side, keeps the handle
Until the takeoff, becomes the moulting, the litter.
Slow down! The watchsound melts all fats.
"Voluntary Simplicity" is mounted.

My traditional singing crackles this speech.
My glandular gang opens up its source. Run!
Exquisite delight answers to energy at once.

That arises in the mind: So that the egg is complete,
The quiet room hides a podgy mirror
To the pound face of smart fluidity.

Denis Between The Rusty Words
(March 28, 2005)
IDDN 2005

My original poem is into verse

Setlist from this show : w/ Crazy Horse ; 11-15-2003, Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Falling From Above / Double E / Devil's Sidewalk / Leave The Driving / Carmichael / Bandit / Grandpa's Interview / Bringin' Down Dinner / Sun Green / Be The Rain // Hey Hey, My My / All Along The Watchtower / Sedean Delivery / Love And Only Love // Powderfinger / Rockin' In The Free World / Like A Hurricane
Band :

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, pump organ
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
Pegi Young - background vocals
Nancy Hall - background vocals
Susan Hall - background vocals
Twink Brewer - background vocals