Bilious attack

(Neil Young - French Tribute) - 08-14-2003 (review)


Ah! If you like your nightcap
To the queasy islet by coconut milk...
Ladies, it’s going limp harshly tonight.
And the nauseous sleep in echo...

Doctor, get me out of this indigestion!
Draw strings to the diet of the pleasures
Towards the shed without imposition
Because the Frank flees to the subway to turn pink.

Ah! If the arms of the sofa rock you,
The sickly moon pours
The way of darkness under each step.

Disconcerted, I crouch in the bus,
Not being able to answer about this scaena-morbus.
Oh! The crisis of belief doesn’t exist!

Denis Between The Rusty Words
(August 16, 2005)
© IDDN 2005

My original poem is into verse 

Setlist :
08-14-2003 ; Ile De La Tortue, St JAcques, FRANCE
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