The void

Being homunculus, I lower my head.
I scrape off the cobblestones of My Masters.
In front of: some dirt of another creature.
Behind: such Their Pastoral Dusts.

Self-confident, My Author changes level,
Imprinting His Way ten meters lower,
Forgetting my existence in this cold gutter.
By my guesswork, it’s very high this bottom!

My steps... Old ones are bones, new ones are fleshes. The call
Of life is this void. Like a scalpel,
My body is going on the ground but doesn’t reach it.

I fly. I wave by fine strokes of small of my back.
The Lords acclaim me as a sovereign.
There, this girl who serves the meals...

She makes you bag of bones. You remain stunned.
Her eyes aren’t satin-like for you.
Won’t ruin you about these fiascos.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

(July 24, 2005)
(From my snap in July 21)
© IDDN 2005

My original poem is into verse